Jurassic World 4 Reportedly Considering Scarlett Johansson for Lead Role – CBR – Comic Book Resources

Jurassic World 4 Reportedly Considering Scarlett Johansson for Lead Role – CBR – Comic Book Resources

Another Marvel star could be preparing to join the Jurassic world film series.

According to The Insider, Scarlett Johansson has been chosen to lead the cast of Jurassic World 4, taking over from Chris Pratt, who helmed the previous three films. The report states that the MCU alum has already met with director Gareth Edwards and jurassic park producer Frank Marshall. However, it is unclear whether Johansson accepted Universal Pictures’ offer.


Universal responded What if Jurassic Park had a second chance

“And if…?” is a question every fan asks. However, in the Jurassic Park series, Universal explored what if John Hammond gets a second chance.

While plot details for the next Jurassic world The installment is currently under wraps, rumor has it the film will be titled Jurassic city. David Koepp, the original screenwriter of jurassic park, wrote the screenplay. Steven Spielberg has signed on as executive producer for Amblin Entertainment alongside Marshall. With the new film serving as a reset for the franchise, none of the characters from previous installments are expected to return.

The Jurassic Park franchise has had varied successes

While the Jurassic world The films may not have received the same critical acclaim as Spielberg’s original 1993 masterpiece, but they were huge commercial successes. Jurassic World, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, And Jurassic World: Domination each grossed over $1 billion at the worldwide box office. However, Dominion is considered a low point in the franchise, with a 29% critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes. He also received three nominations for the Golden Raspberry Awards.

THE jurassic park the franchise is inspired by Michael Crichton’s 1990 novel of the same name. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the first film was released in 1993 and became a cultural phenomenon. The franchise primarily centers around genetically engineered dinosaurs brought back to life through cloning technology, located in various theme parks and islands.



Next Jurassic World Movie May Revive Decades-Old Plot

As a new Jurassic World movie begins development, it hints at where it may go and whether it will tackle some of the series’ most important characters.

The first part follows a group of scientists and two children invited to discover a new theme park populated by dinosaurs. When the park’s security systems fail, the dinosaurs escape and the humans struggle to survive. After the resounding success of the original jurassic park film, the franchise continued with The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) and Jurassic Park III (2001).

In 2015, the franchise was relaunched with Jurassic world from director Colin Trevorrow. Set years after the events of the original trilogy, the story features a fully operational dinosaur theme park on Isla Nublar. When a genetically modified dinosaur escapes, the park goes into crisis mode. The film was followed by two sequels, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) and Jurassic World: Domination (2022).

Jurassic World 4 releases in theaters worldwide on July 2, 2025.

Source: The Insider

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