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Jessica Alba and Cash Warren had no intention of getting married. In fact, they thought it was “an archaic social construction.” But one morning when Jessica was nine months pregnant with the couple’s first child, Honor, something changed. She and Cash put on clothes, went to the courthouse, and tied the knot. Now, it wasn’t your typical glamorous celebrity wedding wrapped in paparazzi – Cash actually called it “ridiculously awkward” on Instagram. But that was enough for them – and now, 12 years old and three children later, it still is.

These days, the founder of the honest company and Cash, a producer, are still going strong – and this is based on more than a few pretty interviews on social media and magazines. This was confirmed by body language expert Karen Donaldson, who has analyzed the couple’s movements and gestures over the years. All these tributes on the social networks of the anniversary and these messages of appreciation from the spouses? They are not just for the show. Here’s how she knows for sure:

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Cash takes Jessica’s support system very seriously.

“Cash’s hand around Jessica’s lower body communicates comfort and support,” says Donaldson. And his support on him means that she is there for that and trusts him unconditionally. Jessica knows that whenever she needs Cash to get it back, he will.


They thrive in the privacy department.

Jessica and Cash don’t hesitate to show affection in public, explains Donaldson. They’re doing it it doesn’t matter who is watching and without reservation “, which shows how healthy their emotional intimacy is.

Take this photo, for example. “Jessica’s whole body is turned into cash and she is in her personal space and it doesn’t bother her,” says Donaldson. It is their way of telling anyone and everyone who is looking that they will prioritize the business of the other over everything else.


They are a like-minded couple.

You’d be hard pressed to find something that would come between these two. Donaldson is sure because the heads of Jessica and Cash touch mean that they share the same ideas and have similar goals for their future. The fact that they rely on each other means that they trust each other completely, and it shows their strong bond.


Their connection is deep.

Even posed, Jessica and Cash always present what Donaldson calls “emotional proximity”. How? ‘Or’ What? Holding hands. “They chose to be hand in hand and fully connected from palm to palm,” she explains. That, along with Cash’s other arm around Jessica, are movements that mean they like to share as much space as possible to maximize this closeness. Although they may not have wanted to do it, the couple communicates to anyone viewing this photo that their love is genuine.


They always got on the brain.

“The position of people’s feet is very revealing of where they want to be or where they prefer to be,” says Donaldson. Right now, and in most of them for that matter, Jessica and Cash want to be with each other.

Even when their attention is focused on their children, they always find a way to connect. Not only are they holding hands, but their feet are tilted toward each other, which means they prefer to be in each other’s arms than anyone else’s.


They make time, no matter what.

This deep kiss before Jessica rushes to the airport “tells us that they have very intense feelings for each other,” says Donaldson. Even when they don’t have much time, they will do it. “We try to always protect the time” we “and take time for it,” Cash confirmed to We weekly. And right now, it’s no different.

Cash and Jessica have one foot pointed in a different direction because they have other places to be, but the other foot is tilted towards their spouse, which means they are doing their best to make this quick moment a moment special.

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