Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Split From Brad Pitt –

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Jennifer Aniston’s excitement lit up the studio during her final visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday. Jennifer was the show’s first visitor in 2003, and as Ellen prepares to leave the long-running talk show, she has arrived as the latest guest on the couch to offer her friend support.

During the interview, Aniston revealed that she, too, felt a bit strange when her acclaimed 10-season comedy Friends came to an end. As a tribute to her first appearance on the show, when she presented Ellen with a “Welcome” rug, she brought a “Thank you for the memories” rug. The actress admitted, however, that after her decade-long program ended, she needed to put her life in order. Aniston said, “So I got divorced and went to counseling. Then I made a move known as The Break-Up” in reference to her divorce from then-husband Brad Pitt. .

Meanwhile, despite their split, the ex-couple are known to maintain a cordial friendship. For those unfamiliar, Aniston and Pitt started dating in 1998 and married in 2000 before divorcing in 2005.

Although their rare public appearances give a glimmer of hope to fans hoping for a reconciliation, ET just spoke with a source about the two and their likely relationship status upgrade. After more than a decade of divorce, the insider claimed that such a scenario was out of the question, as the two enjoy a cordial and friendly relationship.

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