Jackson Region Basketball Highlights: Girls From Jackson Advance Northwest In District Semifinals

Jackson Region Basketball Highlights: Girls From Jackson Advance Northwest In District Semifinals


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JACKSON, MI – Jackson’s girls’ basketball team ended the game on 18-15 to take the lead at the end of the fourth quarter and a last-minute attempt by Jackson Northwest failed, so that the Vikings recorded an exciting 54-53. Gendarmes return to victory in the Division 1 district semi-finals on Wednesday at Northwest High School.

Jackson will face Holt in the district championship at 7 p.m. Friday. The Rams beat Okemos by a score of 65-36 in the evening’s opening game.

Maya Pierce scored 27 points and added five rebounds and four interceptions to lead Jackson, while Jada Patton added 20 points, seven rebounds, three interceptions and a block.

“It was a close call, but we got the job done,” said Jackson High head coach Nacoya Weatherspoon. “Our daughters have come a long way and fought for every opportunity. They kept their heads in the game and stayed with him and we survived to play another day.

“(Maya) Pierce had a great performance tonight and really lifted the team. Jada had a very strong match at both ends of the field and we won the match tonight with the pressure and tenacity of our team. ”

Morgan Hanchett and Jozie Bontrager each scored 14 points to lead the constables, while Alayna Sleight added 11 points.

“Whenever we did a little run to raise four or six points, they ran a run and tied it up,” said Northwest head coach Ryan Carroll. “We had some stretches of the game where we didn’t do a good job taking care of the ball, and they turned that into an easy attack in transition.

“There were a lot of opportunities for backdoor cuts, but they’re so athletic in passing lanes that would tilt a pass or get an arm in it and it would turn into a four point swing in their favor. They were just a little bit sharper on the defense than us and that’s what wins in the playoffs. ”

The Constables will graduate from five seniors this year – Brooklynne Bevier, Jozie Bontrager, Mylie DeBacker, Anya Hedrich and Morgan Hanchett – who had a successful run for the Northwest basketball program.

“They helped carry the torch,” said Carroll. “They played with a lot of good players when they were freshmen and sophomores, and when those kids left, they took over and took over these leadership roles. Mo (Hanchett) and JoJo (Bontrager) have become the next group of great players to come here and now we will have to find a way to replace a lot of minutes and a lot of production from our lineup.

“Our five elders have all been exceptional role models for the young children in our program. They have leaders on and off the field, in the classroom and in the community. I have been fortunate to see them grow as leaders over the past four years and I am truly proud of them. ”

Parma Western 59, Hillsdale 16

The Panthers took a 15-4 lead in the first quarter and won a district semifinal win against Hillsdale Wednesday night at Chelsea High School.

Hillary Griffin scored 16 points and added five assists and three interceptions to lead Western, while Reece Hitt added 10 points, three assists and five interceptions and Natalie Shellberg had eight points and seven rebounds. Chelsea Hurt and Alyna Lewis each added six points and seven rebounds, limits, Lilli Luma added four points and five assists, Alyssa Gennety added a 3-point pointer, Hayden Fortress finished with two points and four rebounds, Madi Barnes had two points and two rebounds and Margie Oxley added two points.

Western will face Eaton Rapids, who beat Onsted 56-44 in the other semifinal match, in the Friday evening district championship game at 7 p.m. at Chelsea High School.

Laingsburg 51, Stockbridge 39

The Panthers were late 26-18 at halftime and could not complete a return to second half in the Division 3 district semifinals Wednesday night at Dansville High School.

Gwen Rogozinski scored 25 points to lead Stockbridge, while Brooklyn Rochow added nine rebounds.

Leslie 33, Napoleon 20

Emma Smeiska scored 15 points to lead the Blackhawks, while Tommi Fedewa added seven points and Dana Coltrain collected six points.

Leslie advances to face Lumen Christi in the Division 3 District Championship game Friday at 7 p.m. at Lumen Christi High School.

Lumen Christi 50, Concord 43

Cat Carroll scored 16 points and Caitee Webster added eight points to lead the Titans to the Yellowjackets on Wednesday in the Division 3 semi-finals at Lumen Christi High School.

Lumen Christi will welcome Leslie Friday at 7 p.m. in the division 3 district championship match.

Columbia Central 72, Vandercook Lake 20

The Golden Eagles climbed to a 34-4 halftime lead and continued to roll in the second half for a victory over Vandercook Lake in the Division 3 District Semi-Finals at Grass Lake High School.

Taiya Fletch scored a career-high 29 points to lead Columbia Central, while Lexi Collins added 15 points and Zoie Bamm tallied 13 points.

Shelby Moore scored nine points to lead Lake Vandercook, while Anne Leach had six points.

Columbia Central will face Michigan Center on Friday at 7 p.m. in the Division 3 District Championship game.

Michigan Center 42, Grass Lake 41

The Cardinals ended the game 9-3 to overtake the Warriors for a thrilling 42-41 victory in the Division 3 semi-finals at Grass Lake High School. Michigan Center senior Alize Tripp shot a 3-point pointer with one minute left to give the Cardinals the lead for good.

Junior center Shea Tripp scored 17 points and added 11 rebounds, six interceptions and six assists, while Alize Tripp tallied 14 points, including 10 in the fourth quarter.

Lexi Bargesser and Gabi Lutchka each scored 13 points to lead Grass Lake, while Abrie Cabana had nine points.

The Michigan Center will face Columbia Central in the Division 3 district championship at 7 p.m. Friday.

Sand Creek 48, Manchester 35

The Flying Dutch lagged behind 19-9 after the first half and could not finish a second half return against Sand Creek on Wednesday in the district semifinals at Adrian Madison High School.

Natalie Bargardi and Cassidy Reames each scored nine points to lead Manchester, while Caitlin Wolf had seven points.


Adrian Madison 48, Addison 34

Quincy 55, Homer 16

Michigan Center digs deep to win Round 3 over Grass Lake in district semifinals

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