“It’s No Accident”: Val Kilmer Has 1 Huge Career Regret Despite Playing Batman When He Compares… – FandomWire

“It’s No Accident”: Val Kilmer Has 1 Huge Career Regret Despite Playing Batman When He Compares… – FandomWire

Val Kilmer has many iconic projects under his belt. Let it be in the years 1986 Top Gun, 1991s The doors, or the years 1993 True romance, the actor has somehow shined in every role he has played on screen. He even played the role of Batman himself in Tim Burton’s film. Batman forever (1995). Clearly, Val Kilmer’s filmography is full of some of the most unforgettable titles of all time.

Val Kilmer in Batman Forever
Batman forever (1995) | Tim Burton Productions

Despite all this, Val Kilmer has one regret in his exceptional career: not building a particular identity in the film industry, as many actors have done. Giving the example of actors like Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks, Val Kilmer took a deep dive into this major regret.

Val Kilmer opened up about his regrets

Actor Val Kilmer in Top Gun.Actor Val Kilmer in Top Gun.
Val Kilmer to Top Gun1986) | Paramount Pictures

It may be hard to believe that even an actor like Val Kilmer regrets his professional life, but that’s the harsh reality. Speaking to Vanity Fair in 2012, the actor said he regretted not creating a persona for himself throughout his career.

He added that these actors – Johnny Depp, Sean Penn and Nicolas Cage – inspire fans to have a “instant notice” on their characters.

I actually regret not having created a character years ago like all my wise contemporaries. [did]. Basically our whole bunch of wonderful talents, like Johnny Depp, Nic Cage and Sean Penn, everyone has a pretty solid identity. When I say each of these [names]you have a very instant opinion about a very particular type of character.

He then gave an example of America’s sweetheart, Tom Hanks, and the specific choices he made during his career.

I’m not saying that these guys have changed the way they are perceived by the public because of someone else. I think they’re all really talented. But I think there’s a very specific idea of ​​America that we think of when we think of Tom Hanks. He made very specific choices in and around some of his wonderful, often winning performances. It feels like he’s dedicated to America and a particular kind of America. It’s not an accident.

While the Top Gun The actor regrets it now, but he admitted that creating a character wasn’t a goal for him initially.

Val Kilmer was not interested in creating a character

Top secret!  -Val KilmerTop secret!  -Val Kilmer
A still image of Top secret! (1984) | Paramount Pictures

Kilmer has many projects under his name and he was once a force to be reckoned with. Starting his career in the film industry with Top secret! in 1984, the actor’s trajectory continued to improve. Throughout his time in Hollywood, Kilmer never really worried about creating a persona for himself, unlike his peers.

The last thing Kilmer could be is conventional. His only priority was his acting. In the interview above, the actor said:

I just wasn’t interested in my career that way, or my personality. My acting was really my only priority. I have been unconventional to say the least in pursuing my interests, especially lately. Because when you’re out of the spotlight, you just have to wait in line or do things that don’t take as much time as shooting a big movie…

…I have to work hard on my small, modest influence to sell 1,600 tickets, whereas if I had starred in a big action movie last year it wouldn’t be on my priority list. I could just practice my new monologue.

It seems like Kilmer didn’t know that he would end up regretting it in the future. On the other hand, his illustrious career is adorned with emblematic roles which have left an indelible mark in the film industry. Although Kilmer looks back with some regret, his work continues to speak volumes about his dedication and exceptional talent.

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