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iOS 18 Reportedly Design Changes and macOS Overhaul Coming Later – MacRumors

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iOS 18 will likely include some design changes, but a macOS overhaul could be a year or two away, depending BloombergIt’s Mark Gurman.

In his To light up Today, Gurman said Apple is working to update the design of iOS “as early as this year.” A sketchy rumor claimed that iOS 18 would feature some design elements inspired by visionOS, and while Gurman agreed that iOS could take inspiration from visionOS, he doesn’t expect a “total redesign that reflects visionOS.”

Although he avoided the wording “starting this year” regarding iOS design changes today, Gurman was more forceful on the iOS 18 redesign in a November edition of his newsletter , when he said that Apple’s senior leadership described iOS 18 as “ambitious.” and compelling,” with “major new features and designs.”

As for macOS, Gurman said Apple has started working on design changes for that operating system that could debut in 2025 or 2026. The platform has undergone a major overhaul to last time with macOS Big Sur in 2020.

Apple is expected to announce iOS 18 at its annual WWDC developer conference in June.

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