iMazing 3 launches for Mac and PC with an all-new design, new features, dark mode and more – 9to5Mac

iMazing 3 launches for Mac and PC with an all-new design, new features, dark mode and more – 9to5Mac

iMazing has been a go-to tool for Apple power users and IT administrators for almost 20 years. Developer DigiDNA is now available with iMazing 3. The major release sees an overhaul of the entire app that brings a new user interface and features, and even Vision Pro compatibility to join iPhone support, iPad, iPod and Apple TV.

DigiDNA announced iMazing 3 and shared what’s new in a blog post:

iMazing 3 has been completely redesigned and re-imagined, with an all-new interface and revamped user experience that builds on the core features that have made iMazing the industry standard for years…

These main features are:

  • Flexible local backup options with snapshot support
  • File and media transfers to or from devices
  • Exporting iMessage, SMS and WhatsApp messages
  • Powerful tools for businesses to manage and provision their devices

Looking ahead, DigiDNA says iMazing 3 “has been redesigned for the future, and we will regularly release updates that add new features and improve existing ones.” These updates will be provided free of charge to iMazing 3 licensees.”

Here’s a look at the all-new UI (full release notes below):

iMazing 3 is now available for Mac and PC. Generously, DigiDNA is allowing anyone with an iMazing license on or after October 20, 2020 to upgrade to version 3 for free.

Previous iMazing 1 and 2 users (before October 20, 2020) can upgrade to iMazing 3 for 50% off.

After a free trial, new personal licenses for iMazing 3 cost $59.99 for 3 devices as a one-time purchase or $69.99 for 10 devices per year as a subscription (more options available).

Business plans are also available as one-time purchases or subscriptions starting at $150 and $65, respectively.

Full release notes:

New interface

  • Redesigned from the ground up, but still developed as a native app on macOS and Windows, for optimal performance and user experience.
  • Improved and detailed status report for operations.
  • Storage Metrics The panel shows data usage on any device at a glance.
  • Battery diagnostics with continuous updates.
  • Full support for Dark mode for Windows and macOS.


  • Discover section: Explore popular features and see what iMazing can offer.
  • Devices screen: Manage all your Apple mobile devices from one place with grid and list views for better visibility and grouped control.
  • Backups: Streamline backup snapshot management. Easily archive/unarchive, export, modify and manage all your backups.
  • Configurator (macOS): Advanced management tools for Apple mobile devices: provision, configure, monitor and simplify MDM enrollment.

Device view

  • Device overview: View detailed device information in one place and access actions and data.
  • Data Section: Browse and transfer content such as messages, photos, music, call history, contacts and other media.
  • Tools Section: Access tools like one-click file transfer, local device backup, spyware detection, device-to-device transfer, OS reinstallation, log export, device supervision, etc.
  • Device settings: Set backup location, encryption and snapshot options, schedule backups, change your device settings and more.

Support for new devices

  • Support Apple Vision Pro (macOS).
  • Remote pairing via Wi-Fi for Apple TV and Apple Vision Pro (macOS).

Licenses and upgrades

In addition to a host of free and trial features, iMazing’s device-based licensing policy offers a free upgrade to iMazing 3 for any license purchased after October 20, 2020.

  • iMazing 3 is a free update for any license purchased after October 20, 2020:
    Download now ➜
  • Old iMazing 1 and 2 licenses can be upgraded to iMazing 3 at 50% off:
    Upgrade now ➜

For enterprise customers, new iMazing Business licenses now provide powerful tools to manage and monitor a fleet of Apple mobile devices:

  • iMazing Configurator
  • iMazing CLI
  • iMazing account license management platform ➜

And there’s more to come…

The new iMazing lays the foundation for a host of new features that we will offer in the months and years to come. Stay tuned!

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