“I’m trying to figure things out”: Source says Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are “taking up space” but are still together – PINKVILLA

“I’m trying to figure things out”: Source says Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are “taking up space” but are still together – PINKVILLA

Megan Fox revealed she wasn’t aware of the status of her relationship with rapper MGK but was somehow “connected” to him, in the latest episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast. Following this, a recent source confirmed that the celebrity couple is currently taking some time to sort things out after calling off their two-year engagement. MGK was supportive of Fox’s desire to speak publicly about his life and address their relationship on the podcast.

Rumors about their breakup took center stage in 2023, shortly after they revealed their controversial blood-drinking ritual. However, Fox had shared that the couple was now seeking to remain discreet about their high-profile relationship. The source also gave insight into Fox’s ex-husband Brian Austin Green’s reaction to the actress’ comments on the podcast.

Megan Fox and MGK find out

The star couple has had a series of ups and downs, like any other. Although the Jennifer’s Body star didn’t have a proper answer about the status of her relationship with MGK, she did talk about having “a connection with him.” On the same note, a source told ET, “Megan and MGK’s relationship is up and down. For now, they’re taking up space, but things could easily change. They are still together as a couple and trying to figure things out. MGK is very much in love with Megan, so he does his best to keep her happy and lets her take the lead.”

Additionally, highlighting Fox’s recent appearance on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast, the source conveyed MGK’s support and respect for the 37-year-old actress’ honesty and open-mindedness. Still, even the source didn’t have a solid status on the celebrity couple’s relationship and concluded by saying they were “connected forever.”

“Megan wanted to continue on Call Her Daddy to tell her own story, be candid and have the opportunity to speak her own truth without her words being twisted, distorted or misinterpreted. MGK supports and respects Megan’s open-mindedness “He would never want to silence her in any capacity and admires her strength and desire to be honest, even if her narrative involves him and their relationship at times,” the source added.

Aside from her volatile affair with MGK, Megan Fox has also spoken candidly about her plastic surgeries, her decade-long marriage to Green, and her spirituality.

Megan Fox Wasn’t Ex-Brian Austin Green’s Ideal Partner

In the revealing interview, a segment allowed the Transformers actress to delve into her past relationship with ex-husband and actor Brian Austin Green. The duo shares a positive co-parenting relationship, raising their three children Journey, 7, Bodi, 9, and Noah, 10.

Host Cooper teased a recent remark Green made about Fox’s love life to which the actress responded very thoughtfully. “Let me just tell you. I wasn’t a very good girlfriend for Brian. He also wasn’t great to me all the time. I wasn’t great. Because I was young and I really shouldn’t have been in a relationship with that level of commitment. I did a lot of things like falling in love with other people all the time,” Fox noted.

However, after her divorce, in 2020, she enjoyed being single for three full weeks before becoming romantically involved with MGK.


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