Huawei revamps its stores to fight Apple – Yahoo Finance

Huawei revamps its stores to fight Apple – Yahoo Finance

STORY: Huawei rethinks its retail strategy to combat Apple.

The Chinese tech giant is opening or revamping stores as part of its bid to take the top spot in the country’s smartphone market.

Some of the new outlets, including the one in Shanghai, are right across the street from Apple.

Huawei branches aim to outdo their rival with unusual features, including a gym.

Four such stores have opened since last December, marking a major shift in strategy for the company, which previously relied on authorized distributors.

Counterpoint research partner Neil Shah says this is a sign that the company is serious about capturing market share:

“I think Huawei has made progress in its direction. And it’s very clear in its execution and in the choice of design, that they have adopted in the store all the different types of portfolios, of experiences that they focus on rather than just a product on a table But it’s more about focusing on the experience and engaging consumers in the store, right?

Other attractions of the stores include a cafe and a huge living space.

All this comes as Apple’s iPhone sales are falling in China.

They are down 6.6% over the first quarter.

Huawei, on the other hand, saw its shipments jump 110% and overtook Apple as China’s second-largest smartphone seller.

Local media hailed the rebound as a triumph after years of U.S. sanctions against the company.

Huawei is also looking to produce its own chips as part of measures to counter restrictions.


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