Huawei presents a new high-end smartphone after the success of the Mate 60

Huawei presents a new high-end smartphone after the success of the Mate 60

Chinese tech giant Huawei has announced the launch of its latest new smartphone model, as it looks to build on the runaway success of its Mate 60 series last year.

The company returned to the high-end smartphone market last year with the Mate 60, a launch celebrated by state media as a triumph in the face of U.S. sanctions against the company. The launch was also blamed for a sharp decline in Apple’s iPhone sales in China.

Speculation has been building in recent months that Huawei will soon launch the P70, which, like the Mate 60, is expected to feature an advanced chip made in China.

A product launch Thursday for a smart car model and a laptop didn’t mention phones, disappointing legions of fans who complained online, but three Huawei stores in Beijing allowed interested buyers to register their interest for a new phone with no name.

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Huawei’s P series features advanced cameras and is known for its sleek design, while the equally premium Mate series emphasizes performance and professional features.

The Mate 60, launched during a trip by US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo to China, received no prior publicity or disclosure of specifications, prompting some users and companies to dismantle the devices. phones to test their capabilities.

“Huawei kills two birds with one stone,” Will Wong, an analyst at research firm IDC, said of the tactic. He noted that the company could maintain a lower profile amid U.S.-China trade tensions while still generating an air of mystery and excitement around launches.

Archie Zhang, smartphone analyst at Search for counterpoint, noted that stock availability has been a significant constraint for the Mate 60 and likely would be for the P70 as well.

Huawei had to slow down production of Mate 60 phones due to production constraints and the need to prioritize manufacturing artificial intelligence chips, sources said.

  • Reuters with additional editing by Sean O’Meara

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