Huawei Introduces AI Technologies to Accelerate Network Transformation to All Intelligence in Net5.5G Era – PR Newswire


Shenzhen, China, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At the Huawei Analyst Summit 2024, Steven Zhao, vice president of Huawei’s data communications product line, delivered a speech titled “Accelerating the Network Transformation to All Intelligence”. Mr. Zhao explained how Huawei introduced AI technologies to improve network capabilities at the case, process and system levels and accelerate network intelligence. Participants, including industry partners, also explored current trends and future prospects of the Net5.5G sector.

“As AI technologies advance, we see the inflection point for the deployment of network intelligence. Networks must be deeply integrated with AI technologies, propelling Net5.5G networks into the intelligent era,” said Steven Zhao. “We believe that network innovation in the Net5.5G era covers two aspects: AI for networks and networks for AI. A smart grid involves intelligent network elements (NEs), digital twins and generative AI, which underpin efficient and intelligent network operations. AI-based network solutions accurately meet the needs of smart grids and, more importantly, boost AI training and maximize the transmission capacity of smart computing. »

Huawei has been a pioneer in the application of network intelligence technologies to the field of data communication. Specifically, Huawei’s revolutionary Net Master (powered by generative AI) and HD Digital Network Map accelerate the journey toward L4 autonomous networks. High-quality Net5.5G CloudCampus 10Gbps leverages AI technologies to upgrade the wireless experience, applications, and operations and maintenance (O&M). And Net5.5G converged WAN, featuring high throughput, high elasticity and highly guaranteed performance, provides intelligent transmission capacity for the era of computing power. HiSec SASE enables intelligent defense and increases the efficiency of security operations by 100x.

Ethan, Director of Infrastructure Networking at iFlytek, shared his innovative practices with Huawei’s Net5.5G Xinghe data center networking solution. This solution gives iFlytek a cluster of over 10,000 GPUs/NPUs, improving AI model training efficiency by 17% while reducing AI training interruptions by 80%.

2024 is the first year of commercial use of Net5.5G. At this event, the World Broadband Association (WBBA) and its members presented Net5.5G industry initiatives aimed at building high-end broadband network infrastructure. The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) also looked into Net5.5G next-generation Internet architectures, marking another wave of innovation in network technology.

Steven Zhao called on all industry stakeholders to jointly adopt Net5.5G, introduce intelligent technologies, deploy large-scale network digital twins, and inspire AI technology innovation, thereby accelerating the transformation from the network to all intelligence.




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