How Firerose Found Love on the Set of Hannah Montana (Even Though She Was Never on the Show)

How Firerose Found Love on the Set of Hannah Montana (Even Though She Was Never on the Show)


  • Firerose met Billy Ray Cyrus on the set of Hannah Montana and eventually married him in 2023.
  • The show hinted at their future with an episode featuring Robby Ray dating a younger woman.
  • Firerose and Billy Ray continue to make music together, touring and releasing new singles.

While Firerose was never lit Hannah Montanashe still managed to find love on the set of Disney studios. Hannah Montana, one of the Disney TV classics of the 2000s, features the main character, Miley Stewart’s alter ego, played in a semi-autobiographical manner by Miley Cyrus. Miley is mostly a normal teenager, but Hannah Montana is an international pop star and most episodes revolve around Miley’s efforts to keep her other identity a secret from her friends and fans. Hannah Montana remains a charming and funny series thanks to Cyrus’ performance as well as the talented supporting cast.

Adding another meta aspect to a series that has always straddled the line between fact and fiction is that Miley’s father, Robby Ray Stewart, is played by Cyrus’ real father, Billy Ray Cyrus.. Billy Ray has been married three times in his life, most recently to Firerose. Although it may not be the most household name, Firerose is also a singer-songwriter who collaborated with Billy Ray on the songs “Time”, “New Day” and “After the Storm”. Australian-born Firerose has known Billy Ray for some time, but it was a few years before the couple married.


What song does David Archetula sing with Miley Cyrus in the “Promma Mia” episode of Hannah Montana?

The TV show Hannah Montana features David Archuleta for an episode and the two singers perform a duet of a catchy and memorable song for “Promma Mia”.

Firerose met Billy Ray Cyrus on the set of Hannah Montana – and married him in 2023

She was auditioning for an undisclosed role

Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus met by chance and Firerose told their dating story in an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show,

“It’s actually a funny story, because I was coming out of an audition at the Sunset Gala in Hollywood. And Billy’s dog at the time, Tex, who was the most beautiful German shepherd you’d ever seen. He was We tapped into a divine purpose because we were, you know, just friends at the time and all these years later, that was about 14 years ago, so yeah, all these years later , we just got married.

Firerose actually left the set of Hannah Montana That dayafter auditioning for an anonymous role when she came across Billy Ray (via Live Kelly and Mark). Billy Ray even introduced her to the producers of Hannah Montana after their meeting, (via WGTC), saying,

“Firerose came out the front door. There was almost a moment of, I don’t know, recognition. I was like, ‘This girl is a star.'”

Although Firerose didn’t end up on the show, she and Billy Ray clearly never lost touch. The couple got engaged in August 2022 and married a year later, in October 2023 (via People).

Did Hannah Montana predict the future of Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus?

Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) looks annoyed by Robert Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus) and Candace (Sara Erikson) kissing in Hannah Montana.

Hannah Montana may have predicted the eventual marriage between Billy Ray and Firestone, particularly referring to the couple’s age difference. Billy Ray was 62 when he married 35-year-old Firestone (via People). In Season 2, Episode 12, “When You Wish You Were the Star”, Miley makes a wish to always be Hannah Montana and wakes up in an alternate universe where this is true. One of the changes in this universe is that Robby Ray is now married to a young woman named Candace (Sara Erikson)who was Miley’s guardian.

When Miley as Hannah complains to her father about Candace, he responds: “You know your mother-in-law warned me that you might end up resenting her a little. She’s so smart with teenage girls. ” To which Miley quickly retorts:

“That’s because last year she was one.”

It was just a joke on the TV show, but it might hit a little too close to home all these years later because Firerose is only four years older than Miley Cyrus. Although, of course, Firestone is many years older than any “straight out of college” fictional character. Hannah Montana didn’t care about that, and she’s more than mature enough to make her own decisions.

…She is more than mature enough to make her own decisions.

What’s next for Firerose?

She and Billy Ray Cyrus make music together

Firerose smiles and speaks into a microphone on Live Kelly and Ryan.

Firerose has continued her musical career since her marriage to Billy Ray and all of her latest releases and projects can be found on her website, FireroseMusic. The first months of 2024 saw Firerose and Billy Ray on tour, and playing their new single “After the Storm”. She has often posted on Instagram, sharing videos of her and Billy Ray performing together. At first glance, the Hannah Montana Dad and Firerose will continue to make music together for a long time.

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