Here’s a first look at Google Gemini’s integration with music streaming apps – Android Police

Here’s a first look at Google Gemini’s integration with music streaming apps – Android Police


  • Google Gemini will allow Android smartphone users to choose their preferred music streaming provider on the app’s Settings page.
  • This will allow Gemini to accurately respond to prompts related to playing music on Android.
  • However, it is not yet clear when this new integration with music streaming apps will be widely available to all Gemini users.

Google Gemini is already integrated with several Workspace services, with the search giant also in the process of integrating it with the Chrome desktop browser. Despite promising results during its initial run (except for a few initial setbacks), Android smartphone users weren’t quite ready to move to Gemini as a voice assistant, given the lack of some essential Google Assistant features, such as support for music streaming. We’ve known for a while now that Gemini intends to support music streaming soon, and now we have our first look at what that might look like.


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Noticeable leak AssembleDebug (via PiunikaWeb) discovered a new Music option in the Gemini settings page for “Select preferred services used to listen to music. However, the source did not mention the version number of the Gemini app that enables this new tab in the Settings page.

THE Music The page is understandably empty at the moment, although it will eventually be populated with a list of music streaming services available on the device. This means that users should have the option to choose between Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, etc., as their default media provider, allowing Gemini to open content from their chosen music app. This appears to be an early release of the upcoming integration, and it’s currently unclear when this new Music option in Gemini Settings will go live.

Why is this so important

The Gemini app on Android has many advantages and is significantly better than Google Assistant in several areas. But the lack of support for music streaming services is an issue that has kept most Assistant users from switching, as PiunikaWeb notes.

In my own experience, Gemini was really fun to use for the first few days, but the novelty eventually wore off, mainly due to its inability to recognize music-related commands. With support for music streaming services now planned, we expect more Android smartphone users to upgrade to Gemini.

Google’s AI chatbot recently made some crucial improvements. An update in late March allowed Gemini to automatically start navigation on Google Maps while asking for directions. Likewise, in February, Gemini supported reminders using the handy Google Assistant extension.


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