Governor Mills Unveils New Plan for Fuel Oil and Electricity Cost Relief – WABI

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – Governor Mills is expected to unveil a new plan to provide financial relief to low- and middle-income Mainers for their fuel oil and electricity costs.

The funds will be drawn from a new $282 million revenue surplus announced this week by the nonpartisan Maine Revenue Forecasting Committee.

Mills intends to roll out the plan with bipartisan support on Thursday or Friday

Maine’s new legislature will have to pass it.

Their first day of work is December 7, after all members are sworn in.

In the meantime, other help is available, especially for the 60% of Maine homes that rely on fuel oil.

The average cost is now over $5 a gallon, according to the Governor’s Office of Energy.

This is 61% more than a year ago.

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