Google reorganizes Android, Chrome and Pixel teams; DeepMind will now manage AI development – HT Tech

Google reorganizes Android, Chrome and Pixel teams;  DeepMind will now manage AI development – HT Tech

Google is finally stepping out of its comfort zone to offer an advanced AI experience to its consumers. With technological advancements, the race for AI, and the need to meet consumer needs, Google announced a major organizational change by merging its hardware and software teams into one. Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai made this announcement with the motivation to provide high-quality services to its users as well as partners, especially in the field of AI.

Google reorganizes the Android, Chrome and Pixel teams

According to an internal email from Sundar Pichai (via9to5Mac), the company announced the merger of Google Research with DeepMind teams to advance its AI experiments with the Gemini model. The merger will be called “Platforms and Devices” and will include teams from Android, Chrome, Pixel and other services across the company. Pichai said the merger will bring “better quality products and experiences to our users and partners.” He further added that the move would help the company “boost the Android and Chrome ecosystems.”

The new merged team will be led by Rick Osterloh, who previously sought out Google’s hardware efforts. Hiroshi Lockheimer will be transferred to new projects within Alphabet. Sameer Samat will now lead the Android ecosystem. The Verge reported that the merger was suggested by Osterloh and Lockheimer two years ago. Lockheimer said the organizational change “seemed like the right time.”

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What benefits will the merger bring to the company and consumers?

Previously, Google had several different teams building their own AI models. But in the future, all “computation-intensive model building” will be handled by the research lab known as DeepMind. This move could potentially enable team members to create powerful AI models with effective collaboration and team building.

Google is streamlining its AI efforts with a central team where AI models will be easily accessible to other teams to create intuitive and advanced applications. Additionally, through combined efforts, teams would be able to deliver new innovations faster with more powerful AI models.

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