Google fixes Android 15 Beta NFC bug and works to improve notification channels – SamMobile – Samsung news

Google fixes Android 15 Beta NFC bug and works to improve notification channels – SamMobile – Samsung news

A few days ago, Google released the first beta of Android 15. It is available for compatible Pixel phones and tablets. Although it was considered generally stable for smartphone enthusiasts, it had a critical NFC-related bug that could impact its daily use. Google has now fixed it with a new Android 15 Beta update.

Android 15 Beta 1.1 update fixes bugs

Google has released Android 15 Beta 1.1 update. This is a minor release that fixes a few known bugs, including one that made NFC useless on Pixel devices. It also fixed the bug that sometimes caused the Developer Options screen to crash. Google mentioned that it also fixed a bug that prevented devices from updating properly to Android 15 Beta 1.

There was also an issue with text clipping while typing, which has now been cleared. The new version of Android 15 Beta should now be primarily usable for Pixel users. However, we still recommend waiting for Google to release the stable version of Android 15 before installing it on your main smartphone or tablet.

Android 15 improves app notification channels

Android 15's unused app notification channels hidden

Android has always been great when it comes to notifications and Google introduced notification channels with Android 8.0 Oreo. When implemented well by an app developer, this feature allows users to turn off app notifications for some features but not others. For example, you can keep delivery notifications for an online shopping app while turning off notifications for unwanted deals and promotions.

However, most Android users are unaware of this feature. Additionally, accessing and managing notification channels can be intimidating due to their design. With Android 15, Google is trying to simplify it. Android Authority noticed that Google now only shows active notification channels for a particular app. Notification channels that are not active are automatically hidden.

Users can always see all available notification channels in an app by clicking the Show unused channels option in an app’s notification settings. This feature could come to Galaxy smartphones and tablets with the One UI 7.0 update based on Android 15 later this year.

Until then, watch our video below to learn all about the One UI 6.1 update that recently arrived on select Galaxy phones.



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