Google finally rolls out new options to let you filter in Google Drive for Android – ZDNet

Google finally rolls out new options to let you filter in Google Drive for Android – ZDNet

Google Drive filters on Android 14.

Jack Wallen/ZDNET

Last month, Google added new filtering methods in Google Drive for iOS. After a recent update to Google Drive for Android, these same filters have finally made it to Google’s mobile operating system, according to Android Police. This update makes it much easier to find the file you’re looking for in Google Drive, thanks to new Type, People, and Modified filters.

Each of these new filters includes a drop-down list with more options. For example, the Type drop-down allows you to select any file type you might find on Google Drive (such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, photos, PDFs, shortcuts video, files, etc.). The People drop-down list lets you search by contact name (which can include file owners or people associated with the file, such as editors and readers). The Modified drop-down allows you to select today, last 7 days, last 30 days, this year, last year, or custom.

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These filters are similar to those found in the web version of Google Drive, although they are not as extensive. You still won’t find advanced search features like “contains words”, “location”, “shared with”, and “following”.

One of the benefits of the new filters is that they update your view of your files in real time as you select them. In other words, if you select Documents from the Type drop-down list, you will immediately see the results appear on the screen (there is no need to apply the filters).

Although these filters are not new to Google Drive, they should greatly help Android users find the files they are looking for faster.

You’ll find these new filters in Google Drive version and later. If you don’t see the filters (after tapping the search bar in Google Drive), go to the Google Play Store and check if an update is available for your installed version of Google Drive.



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