Google could release its own Pixel tablet with a stylus and keyboard – Android Authority

Google could release its own Pixel tablet with a stylus and keyboard – Android Authority

Damien Wilde / Android Authority


  • Google could soon offer its Pixel tablet without the charging dock with speaker, potentially making it more affordable.
  • New accessories for the Pixel tablet, including a stylus and keyboard, are also reportedly in the works.

If you were hoping for a brand new Pixel tablet like ours, you might be disappointed. According to the tweet, Google would offer the existing Pixel tablet with the added option of purchasing it without the bundled speaker dock.

He further claims that this change would come alongside the launch of a stylus and Bluetooth keyboard designed specifically for the Pixel tablet. These accessories are rumored to cost €100 each and will be available in the tablet’s existing Hazelnut and Porcelain color options.

The original Pixel tablet, which debuted at $499 with a charging dock included, aimed to redefine the Android tablet experience. This dock transformed the tablet into a smart display, providing both a charging solution and smart home control capabilities.

However, this dual functionality came at a cost, driving up the price and potentially limiting its appeal, especially given the tablet’s mediocre display and performance compared to the competition.

Google appears to recognize that consumers want greater flexibility and productivity features with their tablets, as evidenced by the potential introduction of a stylus and keyboard.

If the Pixel tablet came without the dock, its price would certainly drop to $400 or even less. However, if Google’s reported price for the pen and keyboard accessories is accurate, the overall cost of the tablet with accessories would still come in around $600.

It remains to be seen whether this rumored relaunch, with a potential price drop and new accessories, will be enough to allow the Pixel Tablet to compete with established players like Apple and Samsung.

Speaking of which, this news surfaces just days after Apple announced its “Let Loose” launch event on May 7, during which new iPad Pro, iPad Air, and potentially even an updated Magic Pencil are being released. expected. The unbundled Pixel tablet and its accessories could be announced during Google I/O, which begins on May 14.

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