Google Assistant continues to mean well with socially relevant and utterly believable songs – Android Police

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The Google Assistant team seems to like to come up with little songs their AI voice assistant can sing to you, whether it’s washing your hands, Halloween, New Years, or wearing a mask. This latest issue aims to encourage us to take the vaccine – an important topic, but it’s not Google’s best musical work, I have to say.

Ask the Assistant on your phone or on a Google / Nest speaker to “sing the vaccine song” and it will do it exactly. The lyrics celebrate the various vaccines that are expected to return us to something like normalcy more than a year after the start of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic. The song describes the vaccines as safe and hails the scientists who worked on them like superheroes.

It’s a critical message that Google is trying to get across, and one that they’ve done a TV commercial on before, but I’m not sure an Assistant song will have much impact. Besides the fact that the Google Assistant continues to demonstrate mediocre musical abilities, I’m not sure who is asking for it in the first place.

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