General Brasch Becomes a Beloved Tale in Helldivers 2 – Destructoid

General Brasch Becomes a Beloved Tale in Helldivers 2 – Destructoid

Did you know that General Brasch can use a 500 kg Eagle bomb as a grenade? Yes, the man behind those military training videos lived a richer life than you might think. General Brasch is becoming a legend among the Helldiverse 2 community, and its story is only just beginning.

The Brasch Facts, or perhaps the “True Stories of General Brasch”, appear to come from this post on the official website. Helldiverse 2 subreddit earlier in the week. Reddit user GraeyRebis dropped a handful of impossible stories about Brasch, like my favorite: “General Brasch once killed 7 Chargers with a Railgun. And then he reloaded. THE Helldiverse 2 The community was quickly inspired to add to General Brasch’s legacy.

The official Helldiverse 2 An account on X (formerly Twitter) also joined in, sharing this absolutely true story of Super Earth’s Mightiest Hero:

General Brasch turns common samples into super samples by looking at them

For those old enough to remember the bygone days of the Internet, these stories may seem a little…familiar. The “Chuck Norris Facts” meme is a classic Internet thread that nearly two decades ago transformed the former TV star into a god capable of beating the sun in a staring contest. With General Brasch now elevated to the status of myth, we can say with certainty that time is indeed a flat circle.

Obviously, it’s all in good fun. I read the facts about Brasch on Reddit, having a good laugh while sipping tea (the Liber kind, with lemon). Some stories are taken from the Norris era, but refreshed with a Helldiverse twist, while others may be Brasch originals.

Here are some good ones:

  • “General Brasch threw an impact grenade and killed 20 devastating rockets. Then it exploded.
  • “General Brasch’s beard trimmer requires high armor penetration to be effective.”
  • “At night, children check for the presence of machines under their bed. At night, automatons check under their beds for the presence of General Brasch.
  • “The first use of the Orbital Gatling Barrage was General Brasch’s simple firing of his service pistol from an open hangar in his ship.”
  • “General Brasch doesn’t actually dive onto the planet – rather the planet rushes to meet his feet.”

Be sure to check out the stories when you can. I heard that reading General Brasch’s tales makes you feel Helldiverse 2 players become more immune to over-regulated fire.

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