Francia Raisa Dismisses Major Selena Gomez Kidney Donation Rumor – Geo News

Francia Raisa Dismisses Major Selena Gomez Kidney Donation Rumor – Geo News

Francia Raisa and Selena Gomez met in 2007 and she donated her kidney in 2017

Francia Raisa says donating her kidney to Selena Gomez was the kindest thing she’s ever done in her life.

Opening up about the donation, she said it was an act of kindness, dismissing rumors she was “forced” to do it.

Francia donated her kidney to Gomez in 2017, after her kidneys were damaged by lupus. However, the best friends reportedly broke up and even argued afterward until they reconciled in 2023.

Today, Raisa says it was the kindest act of her life. Appearing on The art of kindness podcast with Robert Peterpaul, she was asked what her kindest act was, and she replied, “Besides donating a kidney, what?” It was definitely a personal choice. It was definitely just an act of kindness, regardless of the rumors.

“It’s something I did because I really felt called to do it and I’ve been blessed ever since.” My first audition right after the surgery, two weeks, was Grown-Ish, and I booked it,” the actress added.

“I put myself in a position where people are interested in my personal life. I wish it wasn’t as crazy as it was,” she noted.

“Since then, I’ve been on my own journey and my favorite part is that I’ve been able to talk to other potential donors, no one really knows I’m doing this,” she explained.

Raisa and Gomez met at a charity event in 2007 and became friends. Their feud began when Selena said in a 2018 interview that her only friend in the industry was Taylor Swift, which Raisa called “interesting.”


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