Former Browns star appears to reveal Cleveland’s new helmet and logo for 2024 season



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The Cleveland Browns are expected to unveil a new helmet and logo in the near future and you may not have to wait long to see the new look as it appears Eric Metcalf has already leaked it.

The former Browns star shared several photos on social media Tuesday before quickly deleting them. However, this is the Internet, where it’s almost impossible to delete something after you’ve posted it, and Metcalf found that out the hard way. Several people were able to take a screenshot of his deleted tweet, which showed an image of what would be the Browns’ new helmet.

If you’re wondering what’s different on the Browns helmet, it’s the facemask. The team has worn a brown mask with its helmet since 2015, but it appears they are considering returning to a white mask, which the team wore from 1975 to 2005.

Although the Browns got rid of the white mask in 2005, the team has brought it back for special occasions for the past three seasons.

It now appears that the white mask is part of their permanent look. With the team switching to a white face mask, that means the Browns will likely change the look of their helmet logo as well. As you can see below, the logo currently features a brown mask.

If you look on the box photo shared by Metcalf, the helmet logo now has a white mask.

According to Daryl Ruiter on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland, the new look is expected to be revealed this week, so we shouldn’t have to wait long to see if Metcalf actually leaked a photo of the real thing. Ruiter also noted that the headset will be brighter and will be a “more orangish orange,” so that will also be something to watch out for when the new headset releases.



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