Ford’s new Mustang Experience Center will help teach drivers how to stay accident-free

Ford’s new Mustang Experience Center will help teach drivers how to stay accident-free


Amid the Ford Mustang’s 60th anniversary celebrations, news from the Mustang Experience Center arrives. Scheduled to open in 2025, Ford considers the facility a must-see cultural and technical destination for Mustang fans. And because its location is next to Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina, new Mustang owners can head to the track to better understand the pony car’s performance capabilities.

“Mustang has always been about more than just a car; it’s about the experiences that come with it, from road trips and track days to cars and coffee,” said Matt Simpson, Ford general manager. for enthusiast vehicles. “The Mustang Experience Center is poised to become a special gathering place for the Mustang community, blending the spirit of the car and Charlotte Motor Speedway to create new memories.”

Mustang Experience Center

As you might guess from this quote, the Mustang Experience Center is more than just a showroom next to a race track. The facility will include a retail store for Mustang products and an aftermarket parts store for performance upgrades. It will also house the Ford Heritage Gallery, which showcases 60 years of Mustang history. Amidst it all, there’s plenty of space for special events, with Ford specifically mentioning weddings. We could make a joke here about Mustangs and big crowds, but we’re guessing you’ve already done that. Instead, we’ll point out that this could be a great place for Mustang’s future debut.

The Experience Center will also host Mustang Unleashed, a program of the Ford Performance Racing School. In short, 2024 Mustang owners, whether it’s an EcoBoost four-cylinder GT or a V8-powered GT, can hit the track with hands-on instructions. Ford reminds us that Charlotte Motor Speedway isn’t just a big oval for NASCAR action. There is a 2.2-mile road course and a quarter-mile drag strip on site. And a new 1.7-mile road course will open soon.

We expect Ford to have more to say about its Mustang Experience Center later in the year. For now, all eyes are on Charlotte for the Mustang’s 60th anniversary celebration, which, in addition to a big party, includes the launch of the Mustang 60th Anniversary Pack for 2025. Offered only on the GT Premium, each will feature Special stripes, badges, and wheels that pay homage to the original pony. Only 1,965 copies will be made.




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