Felicia Spencer aiming for a title hit

Felicia Spencer aiming for a title hit

“It was afraid of losing,” she told UFC.com. “At first, people said, ‘Congratulations. It was incredible. “And I say to myself,” Wait, it’s not the right word to use. “But it didn’t stop, honestly. There was a lot of support. It was really nice to see.”

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This fight turned out to be the last for Cyborg under the UFC banner, extinguishing the possibility of a rematch between her and Amanda Nunes for the featherweight title. This reality, as well as the fact that Nunes hasn’t defended the 145-pound crown since taking it from Cyborg over a year ago, has the women’s featherweight division in a strange place.

For Spencer, however, there is no question as to his intention to head into his fight with Zarah Fairn at the co-main event of UFC Fight Night this weekend in Norfolk.

“I want to make a statement that I’m going to get a title draw,” said Spencer. “I want to make a statement. I want to show myself that I can be myself in the cage again and be clear and perform when I want. And for the rest of the world, I want to show that the rest of my skills are real, and I’m not just good at punching. I can also give them. “



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