Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s New WWE Contract Includes CM Punk’s AEW Termination Clause From All In

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s New WWE Contract Includes CM Punk’s AEW Termination Clause From All In

The Rock joined the TKO Board of Directors panel a few months ago and has successfully taken on many additional decision-making responsibilities alongside his extraordinary in-ring work. Now, although Brahma Bull has taken a temporary pause in his wrestling effort, the Stamford-based company handed him a new contract with WWE, solidifying his strong relationship with the promotion.

Although the papers included a series of lucrative clauses, one in particular caused some controversy because it contained the same trap as AEW’s removal of CM Punk.

The Rock’s new WWE contract has a close analogy to CM Punk’s AEW contract


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CM Punk has been at the top of the discussion since his return to WWE last year. Although an injury has ruined the Seventh City Saint’s second stint in WWE to some extent, he is still on track to achieve greatness. But his tumultuous AEW scandal continues to emerge in the story again and again. In an official statement, Khan revealed that he fired Punk from the promotion following a fight with Jack Perry in AEW All In, using the termination power mentioned in his contract clause. Surprisingly, the same clause was spotted in The Rock’s new contract with WWE.

What does it contain?

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Wrestlenomics’ Brandon Thurston recently shared his thoughts on The Rock’s contract, in which a clause reads:

» (a) Termination by WWE. DJ Parties and Talent agree that WWE will have the right to terminate this agreement:

(i) Immediately in the event that a causal event has occurred and the DJ Parties have failed to cure (if such breach can be cured) such causal event after thirty (30) days following written notice from WWE indicating the nature of this violation. with reasonable particulars (termination due to a causal event in accordance with the foregoing may also be referred to herein as termination for “cause”)

Termination for cause refers to the termination of an employee for valid, legally classified reasons or exploitation of the company’s code of conduct.

Does this mean a CM Punk type storyline could follow the Final Boss in the future? Although this question is difficult to answer, for now we can focus on the good part, namely the big financial deal and other benefits that were offered to The Rock through this contract.


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The Rock’s High-Flying Pay Structure Under New Contract: Explained

Johnson currently owns a stake worth $30 million in TKO, being distributed gradually through the end of 2025. While full details of his compensation structure remain under wraps, it certainly looks pretty good. Considering the other benefits mentioned in the special contract, it grants Johnson enormous control over the use of his brand and restrictions on WWE’s use of his name, likeness and other intellectual properties.

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Additionally, the exclusion extends to pop-up ads, political ads, and products like alcohol, tobacco, and medical items without explicit consent. This is a conscious effort to safeguard Johnson’s massive public image.


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What do you think about the similarity between CM Punk’s AEW contract and The Rock’s WWE contract? Let us know in the comments.


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