Don’t Worry, Glen Powell Still Plans to Make That ‘Captain Planet’ Movie Collider

Don’t Worry, Glen Powell Still Plans to Make That ‘Captain Planet’ Movie Collider

The big picture

  • Glen Powell’s passion for
    Captain Planet
    the film adaptation remains, with the actor still determined to make it happen.
  • Powell and Leonardo DiCaprio share a strong commitment to the environmentally focused superhero project.
  • The original animated series aired in the 90s and left an impact on its audience that still endures today.

Fans of the eco-warrior superhero Captain Planet have been eagerly awaiting updates on the long-gestating film adaptation, and the featured writer Glen Powell recently gave some hope. In an interview with Collider’s Perri Nemiroffled alongside Adria Arjona while promoting their film Hitman, Powell shared his continued passion for the project. Asked about the future of Captain Planet film, Powell’s enthusiasm was palpable. “My God, I really hope so,” he exclaimed. “Trust me, we’ve been working hard on this one for a long time. I’m optimistic about its future, but you never know the timeline. »

Powell, himself a child of the 90s, has been attached to the Captain Planet film for six years, since its announcement in 2018. Despite the long development process, the Top Gun: Maverick The star remains committed to the project, which he is set to write and star in Leonardo DiCaprio Appian Way Productions. Last year, Powell confirmed that the film was still in the works with Warner Bros., although he acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding the studio’s current handling of its DC Comics properties. “I need to see where all the superhero stuff lands there,” Powell noted.

In a previous conversation with ET, Powell highlighted his and DiCaprio’s shared passion for the environmentally conscious superhero. “I know DiCaprio is super passionate about this. I’m super passionate about this. I think it could be great… I want this one to work. I would love to play this superhero,” he said. he declares. Given DiCaprio’s well-known advocacy for environmental causes, his involvement in the Captain Planet the film is a natural choice.

What is “Captain Planet” about?

The animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers debuted in 1990 on TBS and syndication, conceived by a media mogul and environmentalist Ted Turner. The show followed a diverse group of teenagers, the Planets, who were given elemental powers by Gaia, the spirit of Earth. Their mission was to fight a variety of eco-villains, from mad scientists to mutant rats and even aliens. When the threats became too great, the Planeteers combined their powers to summon Captain Planet, a blue-skinned, green-haired superhero with a penchant for pranks and a commitment to saving the environment.

The series boasted an impressive roster of voice talent, including Meg Ryan, Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Sheen, Jeff Goldblum and LeVar Burton. Airing for six seasons from 1990 to 1996, the series produced 113 episodes and left a lasting impact on its audience, many of whom are now eager to see the return of Captain Planet.

Stay tuned to Collider for more Captain Planet. Hitman will be released in theaters on May 24, before landing on Netflix on June 7. You can watch Nemiroff’s interview with Powell and Arjona below.

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