Dion Dawkins admits Bills’ Stefon Diggs trade was ‘indiscriminate haymaking,’ but OT supports Buffalo’s move



The Buffalo Bills shocked the NFL when they decided to trade star receiver Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans earlier this month and that surprise even extended to the club’s roster. During his appearance on The Jim Rome Show, Bills offensive tackle Dion Dawkins admitted he was surprised by the news of the trade, but also noted he trusts the organization.

“The Stefon Diggs one, he was definitely a haymaker,” Dawkins said Friday via NFL.com. “A blind reaper. But, you know, I’ve learned that in this world, in the career that I’m in, pieces get mixed up and things move all the time. … For a player that has that type of impact and popularity and weight based on statistics for their career, it hits you in a different way. Like I said, I love my teammates and I’m loyal to my organization. So I trust them. think they know what they’re doing “I know they know what they’re doing. But we have (No.) 17, and when you have Josh (Allen), anything is really possible. “

While shocking to see this trade decline, Diggs’ final years in Buffalo were tumultuous and there were signs his tenure might be coming to an end. Some of these signs came via social media and Diggs even recently continued to fan these flames when he allegedly “liked” an article on X that said the Bills had the worst fan base.

“Fans have the right to do what they want,” Dawkins said when asked about Diggs’ recent likes on social media. “That’s why they’re fans. They have a choice. They choose a side and, you know, every decision we make in our lives as athletes, you know, people are always looking at us. … Everyone has their own. choice of emotions to show, and if Diggs accidentally presses that button, so be it. Fans are going to hate it, then they’re going to love it, then they’re going to hate it, and then they’re going to love it. …And I am faithful to my [Bills] Mafia, so, you know, I like where I am.”

While some pundits have used this trade as a sign that Buffalo’s Super Bowl window is closing, Dawkins – who signed a three-year extension earlier this offseason – I don’t see it that way for one simple reason: Josh Allen.

“That window is always open when you have guys like me and guys like Josh,” Dawkins said.



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