Crispy Buffalo Chicken Bites add lots of flavor to this crunchy salad

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Bites add lots of flavor to this crunchy salad

When people who don’t know me find out that I work in the food industry, they sometimes think I’m some sort of vain culinary snob. They assume I’m dining at the hottest new restaurant when I’m not cooking elaborate meals at home. Little do they know, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As much as I enjoy fine dining establishments and Michelin-starred restaurants, I’m just as happy – sometimes even more so – having a meal at a random pub down the street. My favorite thing to order? Buffalo wings. The main reason: it’s almost impossible to mess up. A great Buffalo wing features crispy skin with juicy, succulent meat, but even a mediocre wing is still pretty good thanks to the bright, vinegary flavor and gentle heat of the sauce that makes it hard to stop at just a few some.

Get the recipe: Buffalo Chicken Salad

I would eat Buffalo wings every day if my doctor said it was okay. That’s where this Buffalo Chicken Salad comes in. No, it’s not a health food by any means, but the addition of romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, and cucumber makes it at least a little better nutritionally than just eating wings dipped in cheese blue or ranch. bandage.

This recipe of course starts with the chicken. For some bar snack inspiration, I decided to marinate pieces of boneless, skinless chicken breast in a simple mixture of buttermilk and hot sauce before breading and frying them to create a crisp, rocky crust. I understand that just the idea of ​​frying might be enough to put people off wanting to make this recipe at home, but don’t stop reading just yet! When frying a small amount, like for this recipe, I like to get a pan instead of a larger pan, so I don’t need to use as much oil, making it d ‘much easier to manage when you fry a small quantity. Cook.

But there are also plenty of alternatives if you want to streamline this step.

Instead of breading and frying your own chicken — the only real work involved in this recipe — buy frozen pre-breaded chicken nuggets or tenders and cook them according to package directions to save time. Or you can omit the breading altogether by sautéing the chicken pieces or using a roaster or other pre-cooked chicken. And while this is a Buffalo chicken salad, the focus here is much more on the “Buffalo” than the “chicken,” so use plant-based nuggets, cauliflower, chickpeas or tofu if you want to skip the meat.

In the end, it’s all about the sauce.

Buffalo sauce is simply a hot Cajun or cayenne pepper sauce mixed with a little butter for added richness and to help temper the spices. Ask anyone what hot sauce goes on wings, and they’ll say Frank’s RedHot, which is practically synonymous with all things Buffalo. (However, it contains a lot of sodium, so those looking to watch their intake can use less or try to find a low-sodium alternative.)

The shredded carrots and celery slices in the salad add to the sea bass vibe, while the romaine and chopped cucumbers provide even more crunch. Perhaps the biggest decision you have to make when preparing this recipe is which dressing to use: blue cheese or ranch?

After much thought, I determined that blue cheese made the best pairing because I find its funk complements the tangy spices of the sauce so nicely for a burst of flavor. But as always, you do it.

Get the recipe: Buffalo Chicken Salad



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