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Contest: Win a Samsung Galaxy A42 5G phone with two months of Ting Mobile Unlimited 5G service (US) – Android Police

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What could be better than winning a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Get a free mobile phone service to go with it! This week we are teaming up with Ting Mobile to offer a Galaxy A42 5G phone more two free months of Ting Mobile Unlimited service. Here’s all you need to know.

Released in November 2020, the Galaxy A42 5G is a mid-range device that offers worthy performance and 5G data connectivity at an affordable price. In our official review, we praised the phone for its two-day lifespan, solid build quality, and beautiful OLED display.

That said, to use the A42’s 5G chip, you’ll need reliable 5G service to go along with it. That’s why in addition to donating a phone, Ting Mobile is offering two free months of Ting Mobile Unlimited service.

Ting Mobile’s unlimited plan offers 22 GB of LTE + 5G data (if applicable) with 12 GB allocated for hotspot use, as well as unlimited calling and texting for a plan of $ 45 per month.

If you are wondering how Ting Mobile is able to provide fast and reliable service, it is because they use the same towers owned by some of the largest operators in the United States. This means that if you have strong Big Carrier coverage in your area, Ting Mobile will likely work just fine for you.

To see if Ting Mobile has reliable coverage in your area, enter your zip code here and click “check”. You can also find out if your current phone is Ting Mobile compatible here.

The contest will run from Wednesday August 4, 2021 to Monday August 9, 2021. One winner will be selected to receive a Galaxy A42 5G plus two free months of Ting Mobile Unlimited service. This contest is only open to entrants in the United States.

To participate, simply go to the Ting Mobile website here and fill in the details. Good luck!

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