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Comfortable, comfortable and effortlessly classic – cashmere is one of the most luxurious natural textiles. So, if you are looking for the perfect purchase of wool to take on your next ski trip, remember that the key to finding the best brands of cashmere is to combine functionality and style. Whether it’s a sweater or a coat, these are the best cashmere brands to look at right now.

Extreme cashmere

The Amsterdam-based luxury cashmere brand founded in 2016 creates all-inclusive products designed for everyone. Its cashmere items are available in one size and one material, suitable for all occasions, including sweaters, cardigans and skirts.

n ° 20 oversize xtra | Price: 1,048 USD | Source: Extreme Kashmir

Johnston of Elgin

Over 200 years of experience has gone into the cashmere and fine woolen brands, made in Scotland since 1797. Its finely crafted pieces created from the most exquisite fabrics that are prized for their softness and warmth. Its luxury range covers men, women and children through a variety of products ranging from outerwear to loungewear.

The Wool Store at the Johnstons of Elgin Mill, where tons of raw wool, cashmere and vicuña fibers arrive from all over the world
Checkered Merino Turtleneck Dress
Checked merino turtleneck dress | Price: 930 AUD | Source: Johnston of Elgin
Lambswool bomber jacket with knit trim
Lambswool bomber jacket with knit trim | Price: $ 1,250 | Source: Johnston of Elgin

Leret Leret

The New York-based knitwear brand brings a modern twist to old-fashioned luxury cashmere by creating vibrant pieces with personality. Specializing in limited edition clothing with an artistic twist, the brand offers vibrant sweaters to make a statement wherever they’re worn.

cashmere sweater n ° 14
cashmere sweater n ° 14 | Price: 634 AUD | Source: Leret Leret
cashmere sweater n ° 04
cashmere sweater n ° 04 | Price: 634 AUD | Source: Leret Leret
cashmere sweater n ° 06
cashmere sweater n ° 06 | Price: 767 AUD | Source: Leret Leret

Wolfgang Scout

The ethics of Australian brands are thoughtful, beautiful and intentional. These values ​​are certainly reflected in its durable luxury knits made from super soft Australian merino wool. Each of Wolfgang Scout’s parts is handcrafted with a sustainable process from start to finish taking over 40 hours.

Hand Knitted Shadow Grid Overlay Tank
Hand Knitted Shadow Grid Overlay Tank | Price: 780 USD | Source: Wolfgang Scout
Hand Knitted Extreme Wandering Cable
Hand Knitted Extreme Wandering Cable | Price: AU $ 1,450 | Source: Wolfgang Scout

Jacques + Jacques

The trusted Australian brand offers comfortably stylish pieces to complement any modern wardrobe. Celebrating the Australian roots of relaxed sensibility, the cashmere brand’s designs offer a feel-good factor – exactly what you want in a knit.

draped cashmere coat
Draped cashmere coat | Price: 2,600 USD | Source: Jac + Jack
Foam cashmere sweater
Foam cashmere sweater | Price: 699 AUD | Source: Jac + Jack

Cashmere Nude

With notable clients like Kate Moss, Jessica Alba and Selena Gomez, the brand must be doing something right. Unlike most fashion brands, Naked cashmere launches new collections every month by selling cashmere products directly to the customer only through its website.

Rachel down jacket
Rachel down jacket | Price: AU $ 1,060 | Source: Kashmir Nude
Rowen cashmere knit
Rowen cashmere knit | Price: 794 AUD | Source: Kashmir Nude

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