Cody Rhodes Talks Cutting WWE Raw On The Rock Promo and ‘LDS’ – Wrestling Inc.

Cody Rhodes Talks Cutting WWE Raw On The Rock Promo and ‘LDS’ – Wrestling Inc.

Prominent figures in WWE have made clear their desire to enter a new era, but one of the recent changes has seen the company return to the “attitude era” with an increase in adult language. Much of the controversial language has been said around the ongoing storyline involving Cody Rhodes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Speaking on “SI Media with Jimmy Traina,” Rhodes said he was responsible for stepping up the language even more to get on The Rock’s level.


“I think I said earlier how much respect I have for The Rock,” Rhodes said. “But you get to a point where you can’t have so much respect that you give up. And I was very diplomatic. … It wasn’t so much that it wasn’t working with the fans. . I don’t Don’t think he liked it.”

Rhodes returned to the promo where he called The Rock an asshole and accused the wrestler of having “LDS” or “little jerk syndrome”, and believes that’s when The Rock started taking it seriously. According to the undisputed WWE Champion, this moment was a turning point in the storyline and brought more raunchiness reminiscent of the era in which Johnson arrived.

“I just wanted to speak his language,” Rhodes said. “He comes from that era of cutthroat, crash TV. He’s been in every era, but I just wanted to speak his language and let him know that anyone – if not a few people – on this current roster can speak your language, if you wish, I would like to.”


Despite some things said during this feud, Rhodes is still very aware that WWE is for the whole family. The artist said he felt some guilt knowing younger members of the audience were watching, but he feels the intensity was justified by the situation.

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