Coachella: Reneé Rapp, Billie Eilish, Victoria Monet Go Gay – Vulture

Coachella: Reneé Rapp, Billie Eilish, Victoria Monet Go Gay – Vulture

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The first week of Coachella 2024 confirmed what the lesbian armies of X and TikTok already knew: Many of mainstream music’s most exciting stars are here, and they are very weird. (Someone tell JoJo Siwa.) Gays have had their Coachella moments — indie R&B artist Omar Apollo announced his first set with a billboard reading “HETEROSEXUALITY CAN BE CURED, JUST WATCH OMAR APOLLO FRIDAY” – but it was the queer women who really stole the show. to show. Here are some of the best bi and lesbian moments ranked from gay to absolute gayest.

Tyler and Uchis have been friends and collaborators for years now. Together, they somehow produce a gay son or daughter. During his performance, Tyler also addressed the recent horribly cringeworthy revelations about his rejection of friend Jerrod Carmichael: “I probably saw my buddy trying to fuck me on camera. It was terrible. Yeah.

The current soloist and former Alabama Shakes singer brought a sexy, chill vibe to the Valley with her Grammy-winning “Stay High.” The caftan combined with a pair of round black glasses fits directly into my summer-lesbian fashion mood board.

Named after a fictional, fanciful night that ends in debauchery and hedonism, the rising stars follow in the footsteps of fellow queer rock groups MUNA and Boygenius. Their creepy but sexy Victorian vibe reminds me of Emma Stone in Yorgos Lanthimos’ fabulous dark lesbian drama. The favourite.

Gay girls everywhere rejoiced when Lana Del Rey brought Eilish on stage with her during her headlining performance of Lana’s duet “Video Games.” Hours later, during a DJ set, Eilish revealed some tracks from her new album due out next month, including “Lunch,” whose lyrics include: “I could eat this girl for lunch, yeah, she dances on my tongue. ” In case there’s any reason to doubt what exactly Billie is referring to, the song continues: “So now she’s coming up the stairs, so I pull up a chair and put my hair up. » Long-haired women and butchers know what’s going on. And SO Billie was seen kissing YouTuber Quenlin Blackwell. Talk about a queer party.

A household name in her country, the first Black Latin American artist to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify and the first Afro Latina to perform at Coachella made it clear to her American audience who she was when her Sunday set started with an audio note from none other than Beyoncé: “From Rio, to Brazil, to Coachella… Ludmilla. » A voicemail message from trans activist and Brazilian politician Erika Hilton followed; Hilton condemned homophobia, transphobia, racism and misogyny, saying hate had no place on this show. Ludmilla is openly bisexual, she dated one of her backup dancers, Brunna Gonçalves, before getting married five years ago, and audiences last weekend were treated to both beauties. kissing and dancing together on stage.

Chappell Roan’s first album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwestern Princess, is full of incredible queer bops and ballads: really, no skipping. Her Coachella set was equally mesmerizing. “Bitch, I know you’re watching,” Chappell said at one point on stage, wearing an (empty) harness and an “Eat Me” tank top; she was speaking directly to her ex, who inspired the song she launched into next: “My Kink Is Karma.” If Chappell is not the next big thing in musicI’m going to eat my worn hat backwards like a gay man.

As writer Taylor Crumpton wrote posted on X: “Victoria made it for girls who wear bracelets.” And: “A lot of bisexual babies just had their queer awakening because of this moment. Thank you Victoria for your service. A mother to many. Amen.

I don’t know if we could get any gayer than casting actors from THE L word, the loved/hated Showtime drama that remains one of the greatest, if not the greatest, lesbian shows of all time, to perform your first set at Coachella. Not only did Rapp fangirl over the actors who play Shane, Bette, and Tina (while the straight guys in the audience looked on in some confusion), but she did it all in front of a gigantic sculpture of two scissors, well, scissors . Rapp also kicked off his relationship with fellow musician Towa Bird hard by bringing her on stage and giving her a kiss; we’ve seen them together on red carpets before, but Coachella made it official. You must respect Big Dyke Energy.


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