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Chuck Norris may have started as a glorified martial artist and former member of the U.S. Air Force, but he quickly turned to an acting career that began with “ The Wrecking Crew, ” until ‘to’ The Expendables’. the badass roles in the movies set the trend for Internet humor where bad things don’t happen to Chuck Norris; bad things happen. However, fans were surprised when the news started to circulate that Norris died. Let’s put your mind at ease and make sure it’s alive. So how did the rumors start?

Chuck Norris death rumors explained:

As the coronavirus pandemic increased, rumors began to circulate that Norris had succumbed to COVID-19. However, Chuck, who is 80 years old, is alive and well. Neither its representatives nor Chuck responded to the rumors, but Internet users were quick to add it to the list of Chuck’s growing memes after the news turned out to be a hoax. Here’s what a Twitteratti posted.

The recent death hoax isn’t the first to hit Chuck. From what we can understand, he has already been pranked twice. In 2012, a Facebook message began to circulate indicating that Chuck Norris had died at the age of 71 and that a news link was attached below. Clicking on the link would lead users to a survey scam. While Internet users quickly caught up to the act, another hoax came from Conservative tears, a point of sale dedicated to the creation of celebrity death hoaxes.

They claimed that Norris died for unknown reasons. If you read the article a little, it is clear that the whole thing is a joke since the deputy sheriff apparently discovered the body of Norris while he was on his way to his room. In the article, it is alleged that Norris was killed because of his political tendencies after visibly supporting President Trump and agreeing to work on the Clinton Foundation.

Apart from the most popular rumors, there are often articles on Chuck Norris, which suggest that the actor died only to finish with the punchline that he suffered the minor consequences of death but that he okay now. In today’s era, when internet users are eager to share the news after reading the thumbnail, it is entirely possible to fall victim to celebrity death hoaxes.

As for Chuck, he recently appeared in the series “Hawaii Five-0”. Although he hasn’t made many appearances in movies or TV shows, Chuck is quite alive. There have been no reports from trusted media sources regarding Chuck’s conditions or possible death. Therefore, the whole case must be dismissed as a hoax. In addition, Norris posted a post about her presence on Cameo on her official Facebook page on June 2, 2020.

He also recently published an article, June 3, 2020, on his brother, who died during the Vietnam War.

Therefore, recent posts, coupled with the lack of verifiable information, establish that Chuck Norris is alive and kicking.

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