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OIL CITY, Louisiana (KSLA) – Giving season is upon us, and that sentiment holds true for an Oil City boy who loves Christmas, especially Christmas decorations.

Due to his weakened immune system, Connor Hartzo has to stay home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and his birthday.

Since he was to say home, his mother Mindy had an idea.

“We want to make her bedroom a winter wonderland and we thought maybe ornaments would be a great idea,” she said.

Hartzo has let her community know that she is organizing an ornament drive for Conner, and their neighbors have delivered.

“When he got those first adornments and his eyes lit up, I knew it was a good idea.”

Word of the ornaments campaign has spread and Conner has now received over 50 ornaments, some from as far away as Florida.

“When he opens another package with an ornament, it’s such a pure and genuine innocent joy,” Mindy said. “It’s like his pain and his breathing have gone away for five or 10 minutes. I capture it in as many videos and frames as I can because I don’t know how long it will last.

She says she can’t thank everyone enough for bringing so much happiness to her this holiday season.

Connor still has a long, difficult medical journey ahead and is currently waiting for his lungs to heal enough to undergo major surgery in April. The Hartzos thank everyone for their prayers and support.

If you would like to gift Conner an ornament, you can drop it off at Oil City Town Hall Monday through Friday or mail it to 10027 Ferry Lake Road, Oil City, LA 71061.

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