Chelsea man Conor Gallagher responds to calls for more effort from players from a sign held by a young fan

Chelsea man Conor Gallagher responds to calls for more effort from players from a sign held by a young fan

Conor Gallagher insists Chelsea players are trying amid a sign held by a young fan during their defeat at Arsenal calling for more effort.

The Blues suffered a 5-0 humiliation at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday night – their heaviest London derby defeat since 1986.


Chelsea were embarrassed against rivals Arsenal in the London derby on Tuesday nightCredit: Rex

Mauricio Pochettino’s side conceded just five minutes into the clash, with Leandro Trossard giving the hosts an early lead.

Ben White then helped himself to an improbable brace in the second half, with former Chelsea star Kai Havertz also scoring twice to rub salt into his former employers’ wounds.

With Mikel Arteta’s men leading 5-0 after another from White and cruising, the camera turned outside, where a supporter held aloft a sign addressed to the dejected Chelsea team.

He was like, “I don’t want your shirt! I want you to want to fight for ours. UTC [Up the Chels]”.

The fan’s heartfelt message resonated with the Blues faithful, who were quick to agree with the youngster’s views on social media.

One X user said: “That sign the kid was holding broke me even more. Hang your head in shame, Chelsea.”

Another posted: “This sign held by a fan at tonight’s game says it all…FIGHT FOR THE JERSEY!”

A third added: “Poch should nail this to the dressing room wall.”

Chelsea fans agree with this youngster's message to the players


Chelsea fans agree with this youngster’s message to the players
Pochettino was ordered to put up the sign in the Chelsea dressing room.


Pochettino ordered to put up sign in Chelsea dressing roomCredit: Getty

This fan messaged: “Absolutely perfect. Beyond embarrassing at this point.

“These players, with the exception of one or two, don’t even deserve to wear this jersey. So bad.”

And then one of them just said, “Damn, it’s true. »

Asked about the sign and perceptions that Chelsea players are not working hard enough, Gallagher said: “We are definitely putting in the effort.

“I know how much it means to all the boys. They are a very young team with little experience as a team in the Premier League.

“We’ve had a lot of ups and downs and we continue to improve as a team to get to the next level and today was one of those days where we fell short.

“But we will also look at performance and areas where we can improve and move forward.”



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