Carolyn Hax: When kids ask for books, they’re ‘too young’ to read

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Adapted from an online discussion.

Hello Caroline: My 12 year old daughter just picked up my copy of “American Gods” and wants to read it. I think she’s a little too young for that. I also think this might be just the book to turn her into an avid and engaged reader.

I would definitely say “not yet” to any Stephen King novel. It seems less clear. What do you think and the readers?

Not clear: Our rule with our kids was, “If you can read it, you can read it.” No book was ever withheld, for whatever reason. Stephen King included. I would do it that way.

And oh, boy, do readers have something to say:

Carolina here. You’re right, although ideological micromanagers and control freaks pulling books off the shelves are more dystopian horror stories than jokes.

It also reminds me that I didn’t state the obvious, that the dirt kids see on their phones or on their friends’ phones is so much worse than anything they read that this whole discussion could be hopelessly quaint. Except for fascism. So here is.

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