Cancelo: People sent death wishes to my family after UCL loss – ESPN

Cancelo: People sent death wishes to my family after UCL loss – ESPN

João Cancelo has revealed the extent of the social media abuse he received following Barcelona’s Champions League exit to Paris Saint-Germain in midweek, including comments wishing his family were dead.

Barça led 3-2 from the first leg in Paris but lost 4-1 on Tuesday to exit the competition in the quarter-finals.

“People say all kinds,” Cancelo said in an interview with ESPN ahead of Sunday’s trip to Real Madrid in La Liga.

“There are comments on Instagram wishing for the death of my daughter who hasn’t even been born yet. They wouldn’t say it to my face because we would have a problem, but in the comments they write what they want.

“They are offensive to my partner, my daughter, our unborn baby. It’s a cruel world and you have to know how to live with it. I know how, but I don’t know what to say anymore.

“Wishing a baby dead is very serious. People don’t think about the person behind the footballer they see on TV. We are humans too. We are the same.”

Cancelo, 29, was one of the players criticized after Barca’s loss to PSG, as it was his foul on Ousmane Dembélé that led to the French side’s third goal of the night via a penalty.

The Portugal international also responded to comments made by former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand, who said Cancelo was “stupid, naive and like a young, inexperienced player in panic mode”.

“Ferdinand was a great player, but I’m sure he also made mistakes,” Cancelo added. “We all do it. But of course it’s his job, he’s an analyst and he has the right to say what he thinks.

“I accept it, that’s his opinion. Maybe the way I gave the penalty was childish. [mistake]but the way the game played out, in my head right now, well, I take the criticism.”

However Cancelo, who is on loan at Barca from Manchester City, said the abuse towards his family was a completely different matter.

“Criticize my performance, I don’t mind, but don’t talk about my family.

“To be honest, it’s been a really difficult week. We were looking forward to going far in the Champions League. I think this club deserves it, but it’s a week we have to put behind us.

“Tonight [after PSG] I didn’t sleep because I couldn’t. Personally, when I don’t win, I really have trouble sleeping because I feel like I haven’t done my job. [well]I didn’t do well.

“I’m just speaking for myself. It was a strange game. The way we lost, I think, is what kept me up at night. I think at 11 against 11 we could have won. But we We must continue.”

Barca have the opportunity to turn things around on Sunday when they travel to Madrid in La Liga, with the chance to close the gap on the league leaders to five points with a win.

“It’s the biggest match [there is]”, Cancelo said. “Barca against Madrid is a match that everyone will watch. There’s no greater motivation than to respond on Sunday and try to win the game.”


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