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SHREVEPORT, Louisiana (KSLA) – Oil and gas drilling problems persist in parts of Caddo Parish, despite complaints from residents.

Caddo commissioner Ken Epperson has been chomping at the bit on drilling rumors for years. In July, we told you how the Pine Wave borehole was affecting neighbors in Twilight Meadows. Now Goodrich Petroleum Corp. opened a well about three kilometers away.

“This is our main concern that they want to drill in our communities,” said Glenn Moore, who lives right across from the new well.

He said they started drilling about two weeks ago.

“I didn’t know they put a pillow so close to us. I knew he was coming somewhere, but I didn’t know how close he was.

Since July, several residents have spoken at Caddo Commission meetings during the public comment period.

“I am a retiree. I don’t want to hear all this noise. I don’t want to breathe the dust that comes with it, ”Moore said in a July 22 meeting.

On a teleconference earlier this year, parish public works director Tim Weaver said the oil and gas industry is booming in Caddo. “Oil and gas are the strongest I have seen in Caddo Parish since the Haynesville Shale.”

Resident Murdis Dodd described the drilling, saying it was “like a plane was landing in my backyard”.

KSLA News 12 spoke to Patrick Courreges, spokesperson for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, by phone Monday. He said people can

  • email their concerns to [email protected],
  • call (318) 676-7585,
  • visit the district office at 1525 Fairfield Ave., Suite 668, Shreveport, Louisiana 71101, or,
  • contact the main Baton Rouge office by calling (225) 342-5513 or (225) 342-0510.

Courreges said John Adams, the deputy conservation commissioner, sent a notice to drilling operators in August.

“It is recommended that operators, even those who are not within the limits set by the U-HS ordinance, be aware of the potential impacts of their drilling and completion operations, especially those that create noise and / or constant vibration for periods of more than five to seven consecutive days, and either incorporate noise attenuation components such as stacked hay bales, constructed noise walls or other means of reducing offsite noise in the building. planning and construction of sites or having contingency plans to install such noise reduction measures if requested by nearby landlords and / or local government entities.

KSLA News 12 called and left messages with Pine Waves and Goodrich. We haven’t heard anything yet.

“First of all, I want them to dampen the noise… and also the smell and the dust that comes with it,” Moore said.

On Thursday, December 2, several local leaders will hold a community town hall meeting regarding drilling noise.

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