Thursday, April 18, 2024

Brighten up winter meals with this crunchy and juicy chicory and citrus salad

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The colorful winter hat with pompoms that I wear cheers me up as soon as I put it on, contrasting with the cocooning comfort of my black puffer coat. This salad has a similar effect at the table. Bright, crispy and juicy, it’s the ideal foil for almost any flavorful, hot stew you might serve.

The dish centers around two of the best seasonal produce options: endives and oranges, both available in an interesting range of varieties this time of year. This recipe invites you to mix them according to what you find and prefer. For chicory, you can use, for example, frisée, escarole, radicchio or endive, or combine them for a tapestry of texture and color. For oranges, I recommend choosing two different types, like navel, Cara Cara, or blood orange, for a mix of hues and flavors.

The chicories are tossed into a lightly sweetened vinaigrette with the juices left after segmenting the oranges, plus either white balsamic vinegar, which is inherently sweet, or a touch of honey added with white wine vinegar. With lemon juice, chopped shallot and good olive oil, the vinaigrette balances and brings out the best in the pleasantly bitter leaves.

Garnished with a crunch of toasted almonds (or any nut or seed of your choice) and juicy orange wedges, this is a salad that brings a welcome fresh, sunny note to an otherwise hearty winter meal .

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