Brendan Allen is everything for business

Brendan Allen is everything for business


It is not because Allen was able to create a stampede and land on top, eventually working to climb and then Holland’s back, where he laced the end of fight starter before even securing his hooks.

A slight outsider before the fight, it was a revealing performance for all those who had their first glimpse of the newcomer to the UFC, but the kind of effort that Allen promises to provide each time.

“When I get in there, it’s the only place I can’t think of anything else,” he said of crossing the threshold into the cage. “This is the only place where my brain is there. I’m not thinking about anything; I’m just right now, and winning or losing, I’m here. I’m not stressed, I don’t think about anything; I’m just happy.

“And I’m there until the end,” he added. “I’m not here to flake. I’m not here to stop. No matter what I feel, no matter what happens, I will never leave; I will never give up. You must do something to make my body doesn’t work, and I know it myself, that’s where some of that confidence comes from when I go there. “

It is this unshakable state of mind and self-confidence that awaits him impatiently on Saturday evening, when he returns to the Octagon for the second time and goes to the feet with Breese, an emerging talented companion with high potential for range whose increase was only slowed down by a pair of extended periods of inactivity.

“At first glance, my first thought was,” Man, I have to think about my Ps and Q, but a victory over him really makes a statement, “said Allen when asked about the man who ‘he will face this weekend. the Old Dominion University campus. “After sitting down and breaking the tape, I feel like it’s a good fight.

“He has a very pretty, very good left hand, but other than that, I don’t think he has anything for me. Once I close his two children, it’s going to be a very, very long night for him. I’m going to give him the means to get out and he’s the one who wants to take them. “

Many people talk about a good game, but only a limited number save it when the time comes, and Allen imagines himself to be part of this small group.

“I don’t like to talk about a whole bunch,” he said. “I like to prove it. (Saturday night), I’m going to show that it is not as good as people think it is and that I am as good as I think it is. “

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