Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie “one step closer” to finalizing a divorce settlement? Report – PINKVILLA

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie “one step closer” to finalizing a divorce settlement?  Report – PINKVILLA

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shook the world when they announced their separation in 2016, just two years after their marriage.

According to court documents from RadarOnline.comBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie provided each other with lists of bank statements, income, expenses and other financial documents.

The couple confirmed they have submitted their financial reports, a crucial step to take before the court can finalize the divorce.

When Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt: The story to know

Angelina filed for divorce from Brad in 2016 after an incident on a private plane. She alleged that Brad, while intoxicated, behaved physically towards her and some of their children. Authorities investigated, but no criminal charges were filed.

Angelina filed a lawsuit against the FBI for documents relating to the investigation. Additionally, she alleges that she found out that Brad would not be charged through the information rather than being informed by an agent involved in the case. The federal lawsuit is currently underway.

At one point, a private judge hired by the couple awarded Brad joint custody. However, Angelina later discovered that the judge had not revealed certain connections to the “Thelma & Louise” actor’s lawyers.

Jolie appealed the decision granting joint custody to Brad, alleging bias on the part of the judge and asking for it to be overturned.

The Court of Appeal rules in favor of Angelina

The 2nd District Court of Appeal sided with Angelina, finding that the judge did not reveal her connection to Brad’s team. Consequently, the joint custody decision was invalidated. Brad attempted to appeal the decision, but was unsuccessful.

After Brad’s appeal was rejected, Angelina’s attorney said, “Ms. Jolie is focused on her family and is pleased that her children’s well-being will not be influenced by conduct that violates the law.” ‘ethics. She welcomes the choice of the California Supreme Court not to review the unanimous decision of the Court of Appeal.

The couple remain embroiled in a bitter row over Angelina’s sale of her share in a French wine estate, which they bought together, to a Russian oligarch. Brad asked the court to set aside the sale. Angelina received a substantial eight-figure sum for her share of the business.

In December 2023, Angelina opened up about her divorce from Brad, saying of their children: “They are my closest companions and the hearts of my life. We are a group of seven very different people, which is our strength.

Angelina mentioned that she scaled back her career over the past seven years because “we needed time to heal.”

Angelina Jolie married Johnny Lee Miller in 1996, then Billy Bob Thornton in 2000 and Brad Pitt in 2014. Brad Pitt was initially married to Jennifer Aniston in 2000 before marrying Jolie in 2014.


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