Billie packs some PDA with women at Coachella –

Billie packs some PDA with women at Coachella –

The Grammy winner is having the time of her life at the music festival – where she was filmed sharing PDA with two different women.

It’s Monday, April 15, Billboard is counting down the Hot 100’s top 10, we’re reviewing all the headliners and special guest artists plus some notable audience members who descended on Coachella’s first weekend, J Balvin gives us a behind-the-scenes look. tour of his standout set at Coachella, which included a special appearance from “Men In Black” star Will Smith and more!

THE Bad boy The singer was seen in a slew of TikTok videos kissing Quenlin Blackwell and Odessa A’zion at the annual music festival in Indio, California over the weekend.

An intimate clip captured the moment the hit designer grabbed Blackwell, 23, by the face for a quick kiss before pushing her away as they stood among a crowd of festival-goers.

The three were seen in a series of videos posted to TikTok kissing and dancing.

Another saw Eilish and A’zion hugging each other.

Another video showed Eilish, 22, and A’zion, 23, looking stunned while holding each other and dancing.

The nine-time Grammy winner and the influencers appeared to stay close to each other throughout the festival as they rocked out all night, according to another video.

Fans couldn’t help but speculate about the relationship between the three as one person took to a Reddit thread to write: “Let’s be real, they’re all fucking each other.” Good fun.

“Good to see she can be herself and do her thing,” another added.

“YES BILLIE, my queen is living her best life,” added a third while another wrote, “I’m here for it.”

Gushing over Eilish’s kiss with Blackwell, one fan wrote: “The way this kiss is done and the way she turns away gives some fanfic reality here.”

“This throat hold, excuse me,” commented another.

“At this point I think they’re a group,” one fan wrote under another steamy video of the three.

“Awww she’s having so much fun,” added a second.

Meanwhile, Eilish and A’zion haven’t been shy about kissing in the past.

Coincidentally, Eilish made a surprise appearance at Coachella on Friday and teased a new single, singing, “I can eat this girl for lunch if she dances one more time / Looks like she might be the one.”

While the Happier than ever The singer has not confirmed what type of relationship she has with her two friends, they have apparently spent a lot of time together as Blackwell took to her TikTok last month to share several videos with her “mean friends”, including one showing them dancing on top of each other.

Meanwhile, A’zion and Blackwell were once romantically involved as an old video of them kissing was posted on social media in May 2021.

Billie Eilish is performing at Coachella this weekend. Photo: Christina House/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

“Okay, we COULD be lovers,” Blackwell wrote in the caption. “I’m not confirming anything.”

As for Eilish and A’zion, they have been friends for a while now and were seen in a fan video posted in November 2023 sucking each other’s tongues.

Last year, the What was I made for? The hitmaker has spoken candidly about her sexuality, revealing that she is attracted to women.

“I never really felt like I could get along very well with girls,” she said in an interview with Variety in November. “I love them so much. I love them as people. I’m attracted to them as people. I’m really attracted to them.

She continued: “I have deep connections with the women in my life, the friends in my life, the family in my life. I am physically attracted to them. But I am also very intimidated by them, by their beauty and their presence.

Although Eilish’s interview was widely seen as her coming out, she believed it was already “obvious” to everyone that she was gay.

“I didn’t realize people didn’t know,” she said Variety in December.

THE Ocean Eyes the singer was last romantically involved with Jesse Rutherford.

Page six confirmed in August 2023 that she and the Neighborhood The singer decided to part ways after six months together.

This story was originally published in the New York Post and was reprinted with permission.


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