Billie Eilish Joins Fortnite Festival Season 3 – Digital Music News

Billie Eilish Joins Fortnite Festival Season 3 – Digital Music News

Billie Eilish joins the Fortnite Festival as part of Season 3, with in-game merchandise available to purchase until June 13. Here’s a look at the details.

Fortnite Festival Season 3 started today and will end on June 13. During this time, players can unlock new instruments, Jam Tracks and experience a whole new performance. Jam Tracks are sound loops (kind of like a digital version of HitClips, remember those?) that players can use in-game to create a unique mix. Jam Tracks allow players to access Jam Loops to create unique mash-ups with others, including lead loops, drum loops, vocal loops, and bass loops.

With tons of content to unlock, the update also includes several Billie Eilish-themed items available for purchase in the store. Three of her biggest hits are available as Jam Tracks, including “All Good Girls Go to Hell”, “Happier Than Ever” and “Therefore I Am”. Epic Games says more Billie Eilish items will be added to the store until the final set of the season, including a “villain” emote and the “you should see me in a crown” emote.

A new Billie Eilish outfit and Jam Tracks from her latest album will arrive in the store later, date not specified.

While Billie Eilish takes center stage this season, another cool feature added in this update is the ability to use the Rock 4 band’s guitar controllers in Fortnite. There’s a whole list of supported guitars for different platforms, including the Riffmaster Wireless Guitar (PlayStation 5/4, Xbox, PC) and the RockBand 4 Rivals Fender Jaguar & Stratocaster for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Epic says that more support for instrument controllers will be available in the future – so it’s likely that more support is coming. Excellent news for Guitar Hero fans, especially since this series has been dead in the water since 2015.

As always, content creators are free to go wild by showcasing this season’s Jam Tracks during a limited window. The selection of Jam Tracks changes weekly on Thursdays at 10 a.m., requiring creators to check what is safe to feature. Content creators wishing to monetize will need to be members of the Support-A-Creator program and have an associated YouTube account.


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