Billie Eilish Clarifies Her Decision Not to Release Singles – Far Out Magazine

Billie Eilish Clarifies Her Decision Not to Release Singles – Far Out Magazine

Ahead of the release of his upcoming third album, Hit me hard and softBillie Eilish has explained why she won’t share any singles from the LP.

The new record is set to arrive on May 17 via Interscope Records, but fans of the superstar artist will have to wait until the release date to hear any of the songs featured on the project. Although this approach is becoming less and less conventional and Taylor Swift recently used this method for her new album The Department of Tortured Poetsit’s still a brave choice on Eilish’s part.

In the modern era, TikTok has become the primary gatekeeper for pop music, and the platform’s trends dictate the charts. For Finneas, Eilish’s brother and collaborator, the move is retaliation for the music industry’s obsession with 15-second loops.

“We’re not even at the song anymore,” he said. rolling stone in a new interview. “We are on the verge of the second verse that exploded on TikTok. We’re mostly looking at vertical content that was done an hour ago – someone is giving you their thoughts on something from an hour ago.

Finneas drew a parallel with the success of barbie And Oppenheimer last year, which brought the masses back to the movies, noting, “It’s all a countermovement to the movement.” I think it’s going to bring us back to immersing ourselves in an album. I really do.”

Meanwhile, Eilish explained how the decision came from a personal preference to hear each song as part of a larger work, saying: “I don’t like singles from albums. Whenever an artist I like releases a single without the context of the album, I already tend to hate it. I really don’t like it when things are out of context. This album is like a family: I don’t want a little child to be alone in the middle of the room.

Provide guidance on what to expect from Hit me hard and soft, Eilish claimed that the opening track, “Lunch”, which shows her falling in love with a woman, is a “total false promise”. Expanding, she continued, “It’s definitely the kill-the-main-character type beat. It’s like Drew Barrymore was in the first five minutes of Scream and then they killed her. You’re like, “They can’t kill Drew.” Oh, my God, they killed Drew!’

Eilish’s reinvention as she enters the third chapter of her story is now less than a month away, and the anticipation couldn’t be higher. While most artists need to release a series of singles to build hype for a pending release, all it takes is sharing an 18-second trailer to get tongues wagging.

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