Beyoncé sent flowers to Dawn Staley for winning the NCAA championship – UPROXX

Beyoncé sent flowers to Dawn Staley for winning the NCAA championship – UPROXX

Did you know that Beyoncé is a die-hard South Carolina Gamecocks fan? Apparently, she watched and supported the team coached by Dawn Staley throughout the NCAA women’s basketball tournament with her family and enjoyed them so much that she sent Staley a bouquet of flowers to commemorate the season team’s historic, undefeated record and championship victory. Staley shared ‘a thank you video’ to Beyoncé as she showed off the gift – which included Cowboy Carter goods, naturally – and read the map. “If you know, you know,” she said.

To Coach Staley and the entire South Carolina Gamecocks,

My family and I watched your games and cheered you on throughout the season. I’m so proud of you.

All my Love,


Staley also called out everyone in the family and noted, “I have lived in the South for 16 years. I am also a small country.

This delightful moment is just one in an endless procession of moments that prove women’s basketball has arrived this year – and one of the few in which a high-profile voice actually congratulated the tournament winners, rather than a certain player among the runners. -up.

Beyoncé’s bouquets are well known in the music industry; she sent them to Cowboy Carter collaborators like Mickey Guyton and Jack White and actresses like Sheryl Lee Ralph for her Abbott Elementary School Emmy wins, but this is the first time she’s sent one to an athlete (she gave Serena Williams a special Gatorade commercial in 2022 after she retired, unless she got them and didn’t tell us didn’t say!) or to a coach.


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