Barbie’s Ariana Greenblatt on her friendship with Billie Eilish

Barbie’s Ariana Greenblatt on her friendship with Billie Eilish

Barbie's Ariana Greenblatt Calls Her Friendship With Billie Eilish A Moment

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The past year has been a whirlwind for Ariana Greenblattwho played America Ferrerathe girl on screen in barbieand the 16-year-old actress reflects on her biggest “pinch me” moments.

“There were so many last year,” Greenblatt said exclusively. Us every week. “But I think my new friendship with Billie [Eilish] and nominated for a Critics’ Choice and a SAG Award for barbie [are the biggest].”

Celebrated by both critics and fans, barbie made history as the highest-grossing film of 2023 and the highest-earning film by a female director (Greta Gerwig) Never. The film also garnered eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, and Eilish and Finneas O’Connell won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for barbieThe heartbreaking ballad of “What Was I Made For?”

For her interpretation of the role of Sasha in barbieGreenblatt earned nominations for Best Young Actress at the 2024 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture at the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Crowned “The Scene-Stealer” in the “Rising Star” section » from the latest edition of WeGreenblatt more than held his own in the film while working alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

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“I didn’t expect such a reaction from people,” Greenblatt said. We of barbieRecord success. “I am extremely happy that the film has resonated so much with people around the world.”

The young actress was also responsible for honoring Eilish, 22, at Varietyof the Power of Women event in November 2023.

Barbie's Ariana Greenblatt Calls Her Friendship With Billie Eilish A Moment
Candice Ward/Getty Images for Lionsgate

“I am extremely grateful to be here tonight with the privilege of speaking about one of my favorite people,” Greenblatt said while introducing Eilish. “Five years ago, I was on YouTube scrolling aimlessly when I came across a clip called ‘You Should See Me in a Crown.’ I clicked on it, curiously, and saw a girl with silver hair and spiders coming out of her mouth. That’s when I was hooked.

Greenblatt continued: “I have watched the entire video and everything she has done since, on and off camera, with absolute admiration. Through her vulnerable lyrics, captivating music videos, and outspokenness, she has helped me and millions of others through our most difficult times, inspiring us to live authentically and powerfully. Her name is Billie Eilish.

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The actress then recalled meeting Eilish for the first time at barbie first. “That night was the beginning of a friendship that I cherish and hold dear to my heart,” she said. “Billie is the only person I see myself in and identify with in so many ways.”

Eilish isn’t the only idol Greenblatt met while working on barbie. Alongside Ferrera, Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell and the rest of the all-star cast, Greenblatt shared with We that she is so grateful to have “had the privilege of working with some of the best.”

Greenblatt once again got to work with some of Hollywood’s legends for his next film, Borderlandswhich will be released later this year and features Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart And Jack Black.


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