Aston Martin reverses course and will sell combustion cars until the 2030s

Aston Martin reverses course and will sell combustion cars until the 2030s

Automakers left and right are reevaluating their electric vehicle strategies, including Aston Martin. The company recently delayed the launch of its first battery-electric vehicle from 2025 to 2027, and the company’s executive chairman now expects to continue selling combustion cars well into the 2030s, as it is what its customers want.

Company boss Lawrence Stroll said automobile car that Aston buyers want cars with “sounds and smells” from combustion engines, and he thinks there will always be a market for them, which is one reason the automaker delays his EV. He told the publication there was more hype than consumer demand for electric vehicles at Aston’s price, but added its move to electric power would happen. It will just take longer than expected.

These future Astons with thermal engines will, however, benefit from a certain electrification. The automaker is now investing heavily in plug-in hybrid technology for its V-8 and V-12 engines. This will help it meet increasingly stringent emissions standards while improving the performance of its products, and Stroll said it will sell them until they are banned.

The industry’s transition to BEVs continues to face challenges. Declining and inconsistent demand, high prices and a lack of charging infrastructure continue to hamper adoption in many places, putting automakers in a difficult position as some markets shift more quickly to electric vehicles than others.

In the United States, sales of electric vehicles were mixed during the first three months of the year. Volvo saw its electric vehicle sales fall 65% in the first quarter of 2024, while Mustang Mach-E deliveries jumped 77%. However, first quarter sales also revealed a boom in hybrids, with the recently facelifted Prius increasing sales by 138 percent. Volvo hybrids are up 45 percent, so Aston seems right to want to invest in PHEVs like other premium brands, like Lamborghini.



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