Ariana Grande, Amanda Bynes and Jamie Lynn Spears Were Not ‘Ready’ to Talk on ‘Quiet on Set’ – Yahoo Entertainment

Ariana Grande, Amanda Bynes and Jamie Lynn Spears Were Not ‘Ready’ to Talk on ‘Quiet on Set’ – Yahoo Entertainment

The accusations shook fans of Nickelodeon hits like All that, Zoe 101 And Victorious. From allegations of racial and gender discrimination to claims of a hostile environment under the showrunner Dan Schneider, Quiet on set: The dark side of children’s television – a documentary series that aired on both the ID channel and Max – offered a shocking behind-the-scenes look at the network during the 1990s and 2000s through interviews with former cast members like Giovanni Samuels, Alex Nikolas And Kyle Sullivan. Undoubtedly the most horrible of the revelations? Amanda’s Show And Drake and Josh star Drake Bell37, revealed that when he was a teenager he suffered “brutal” sexual abuse at the hands of a dialogue coach. Brian Peck.

Since episodes began airing in March, other Nick alums, such as Josh Peck And Kenan Thompson, also made statements. But there has been a surprising lack of commentary from some of the biggest names of this era: Ariana Grande, Amanda Bynes And Jamie Lynn Spears. “Ariana, Amanda and Jamie Lynn were invited to participate in Calm on setbut they all refused,” an insider said exclusively. Way of life. “It wasn’t something they were willing to discuss. They were not surprised by any of the allegations, however. Do they think the boundaries were crossed when they look back? Absolutely.”

Their public silence also doesn’t mean they don’t have opinions. Ariana, 30 – who appeared on Victorious And Sam and cat – appeared to throw shade at the network, posting on Instagram: “The truth always comes out eventually, no matter how hard anyone tries to hide or stop it. » The insider adds: “She knows what really happened and she will discuss it when she is ready.”

Amanda Bynes and Jamie Lynn Spears have mixed emotions

Things are more complicated for Amanda, 38, who Dan, 58, took under his wing after having his big break. All that at the age of 10. “Even though she loved him, it wasn’t a healthy relationship,” the insider said. Amanda Show lead, who struggled with his mental health and substance abuse after his days at Nickelodeon. “He played a powerful role and helped make her a star, so of course she looked up to him, but the balance was off.”

Likewise, Jamie Lynn, 33, now feels differently about her passage Zoe 101. “Watching the documentary made him cringe,” says the insider. “Some of the physical comedy situations they put her through, which seemed silly when she was a child, seem very disturbing today.”

That’s true for all three women, the source says: “They loved being on TV, but now Ariana, Amanda and Jamie Lynn realize what a scary environment it was.”


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