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SOUTH HERO, Vt. (WCAX) – After a soggy summer and a spring frost, many apple orchards have no fruit on their trees. But South Hero growers are asking people to come pick their own apples to help support the farm.

Hackett’s Orchard counts itself lucky this fall.

“This growing season has been like no other. » Many farms do not offer apple picking.

“We survived the May frost and had one of the best harvests we’ve ever had,” said Devin Hackett, owner of Hackett’s Orchard.

Ron Hackett has worked the farm for 55 years and it is a family affair as his grandson, Devin, grew up on the farm.

Devin says he had an above-average season for apple numbers on his farm.

“While we sympathize with those who don’t, we have a lot of apples here. »

“There hasn’t been a lot of rain, so the trees haven’t been too stressed. We had extreme heat, but not enough to really affect much. So – the heat, the rain, the sun – it makes fruit grow.

More apples hopefully means more to sell.

The Hackett orchard is the family’s main source of income. It is therefore said that having a good year of performance helps finance many successful years for a greater number of families.

“I see adults my age, I saw them as kids with their parents, now they have kids, and it’s quite an experience to see how many generations come here to choose.”

Producers suggest picking apples before the beginning of October because this type of apple could deteriorate.

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