Apple has an arduous rise in Chinese markets: analyst – Yahoo Finance

Apple has an arduous rise in Chinese markets: analyst – Yahoo Finance

As Apple (AAPL) faces a lawsuit from the Department of Justice (DOJ), Magnificent Seven member stocks could lose ground in one of its most valuable markets: China. Recently, reports showed that iPhone sales have plummeted in China. Is Apple up to the challenge of reinvigorating its position in international markets and how will all of this manifest in its May 2 earnings release?

TECHnalysis Research President and Chief Analyst Bob O’Donnell joins Yahoo Finance to provide insight into Apple’s biggest problems at home and abroad, and how the iPhone maker could solve them.

“Between iPhone sales, between the geopolitical issues in China, which is still a very big market for them, and now they have to do a little more of what the Chinese government is asking, Huawei is strengthening itself in China. There are some nationalist movements there to try to get some American companies out The car project was canceled, which I think in the long run was the right thing to do, but it might have been interesting sooner if they had. understood a different path,” says O’Donnell. “And of course, Generation AI, what are they doing with Generation AI? That’s what everyone wants to know.”

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